LinkedIn is today the social network of professionals par excellence, And this, in BtoB as in BtoC. In 2016, there were 450 million registered users on the platform. And with 2 new members every second, the social network continues to grow considerably: the time has come to address the challenges of LinkedIn!

Over time, salespeople have seized the opportunities allowed by the platform, which can significantly help boost sales. VSEs and SMEs in particular, would be well advised to convert there! Facilitated contacts, countless groups … We explain to you why it is urgent to integrate this lead generator machine in your Social Media strategy, and how to make it work!

The essential of your Social Media strategy

If LinkedIn is now the most used professional social network in the world, this is because of its structure, which is fully developed around corporate communication. Being present on this platform allows you to make yourself visible to a professional community: companies of all sizes or all sectors of activity (VSEs, SMEs, large companies, start-ups, etc.) communicate there for various reasons, such as marketing, recruitment or sales. On LinkedIn, you can make yourself known as an expert. By exchanging on themes specific to your profession with people working in similar fields, you will be able to gain professional credibility and establish an effective Social Media strategy.

The imperatives for optimally using LinkedIn

As with any properly designed strategy, the effective use of LinkedIn requires the right tools in place. We take stock of the good practices to be implemented and the challenges they involve!

Create a “business” page:

On LinkedIn, the first thing to do to establish an effective Social Media strategy is to create a page dedicated to your business: it should include the logo and visual corresponding to your graphic charter. Then mention your company’s website and a quick description of your challenges, before feeding it over time with various publications that will interest your prospects.

Boost your natural referencing

  • By the simple presence of your LinkedIn page :

By converting your business to this platform, you can make yourself visible directly on search engines such as Google. With effective SEO, you increase your chances of being seen and spotted: beyond the social network, you reach a much wider audience. When people search your name or your company name in search engines, LinkedIn will inevitably be in the first search results, which will therefore allow to draw traffic to your page.

  • By relevant content:

To improve your SEO more than just by being on LinkedIn, it is in your interest to regularly animate your company page. For that, don’t be afraid to speak out and generate interactions with your prospects. You will also gain post articles from your company page, which will be visible via search engines. In another time, your subscribers will react to your content, liking, commenting, or sharing, which will further boost the effectiveness of your Social Media strategy.

Join groups … or create your own!

  • To consolidate your expert status :

By joining groups related to your industry or to the values ​​you defend, you will gain credibility with your peers. To do this, you must publish relevant content and start a conversation with group members. The main thing is to bring real added value. You can also create your own, as long as it is alive and has meaningful content!

  • To better understand your prospects :

Groups allow you, in another time, to observe what prospects are looking for and understand what their needs are, and then meet them better.

Use SlideShare

This site for hosting and sharing presentations and various professional content allows you to develop your notoriety. This site is free, it represents a real pool of information accessible to all. What about LinkedIn? It allows you to add the SlideShare application to your profile, and thus display your content: you enrich your profile and publicize your company and your expertise at the same time!

Sponsor strategic posts

The platform allows you to target very specific audiences and sponsor the posts you want: they will appear in the right place in the news feed with the previously defined target. This process is less intrusive than buying “classic” ad space and can also be more economical.

Measure your performance

With your company page, you have the possibility of view your post statistics : interactions engaged, number of clicks, engagement generated … You even have access to demographic data of your internet users. So you have the cards in hand to see what works and what doesn’t, track your ROI and find ways to improve it.

In England, LinkedIn now has 10 million subscribers: this social network will become increasingly essential. And for good reason: the presence on this platform allows you to gain professional credibility and to grow your e-reputation. And in another time, you can generate leads, publicize and retain your audience.