With the digital age, you are certainly used to spending a lot of time on screens, whether it’s private or professional. Marketing has gradually developed on the web and is found every moment to promote various stores and offers. If you use the internet, you can’t miss it, web marketing will reach your mailbox and your smartphone …

Marketing has taken hold on the internet, but does that mean you have to forget about the paper format? This use seems to be over, but it still has a lot to offer! We have prepared an article for you to help you see more clearly. This will help you choose between these two formats to make your campaign successful and grow your business.

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Why is paper important in marketing?

What should I choose between a paper or digital format? This question remains present and many people tend to think that paper is gradually disappearing. Indeed, with the evolution of the digital format, the paper format has lost a large share of the market.

The digital format makes it possible to create and distribute media very quickly, sending a clear message in record time, which is suitable for all those in a relatively busy time.

However, the paper format has many advantages for marketing because it helps bring real to your marketing campaign. Being able to touch the advertising medium makes it possible to appeal to sensations and this has a strong impact on the public. The paper format also allows you to take your time reading the ad, turning the pages and exploring the offer in detail. It is important to keep a paper format for your marketing in order to reach your target audience with a strong impact.

It is also important to compare the digital and paper format to understand that the old format is not as prevalent anymore. It therefore makes it possible to stand out quickly by offering print advertising that will retain attention and go much less unnoticed than a pop-up, for example.

But that’s not all, you must remember that the web does not reach all audiences and all ages. Indeed, digital technology is used by young people and adults who are comfortable, who understand the advertising system, whether by email or pop-up. But seniors are still struggling to get to grips with this tool, which will reduce the impact of your marketing to these people.

Print advertising will allow you to easily reach seniors while continuing to reach audiences of all ages by offering a practical format that fits in the hands and brings a real touch. However, before you embark on a marketing campaign using paper, you will need to prepare yourself well to avoid any investment mistakes.

Paper therefore allows you to have positive effects in marketing as well as in the private sector, but you should not make the mistake of starting without proper preparation.

The disadvantages of digital formats

Marketing in digital form has many advantages such as minimal cost and ease of distribution. But that doesn’t mean it’s a silver bullet that will work with every target audience.

Indeed, with the rise of online advertising, users are accustomed to seeing banner ads, pop-ups, marketing emails and tabs automatically opening. It is part of the daily life of many users and advertising is having an increasingly low impact. Some people end up seeing advertising as spam and no longer even open newsletters. Ads are so prevalent these days that they lose their impact and the early methods of online advertising don’t really work anymore.

To be successful in online advertising, it is therefore important to think about ways to stand out and offer a different format. This will allow you to enhance your creativity and not go unnoticed.

Find the right balance according to your needs

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to identify your needs and your targets to successfully implement an effective marketing strategy. In general, it is advisable to take the time to work on both media to cover all marketing solutions. But it will take time and good organization, which will not always be easy. If you want to make a big impact, you should never put paper size aside.

Whether in a professional or private arena, it is important to find effective solutions to gain attention. For example, when you send an email to your loved one, they will tend to read it quickly before filing it or putting it in the trash. On the other hand, if you are sending a letter or a postcard, your loved one will take the time to read your text carefully before keeping it preciously or placing it as an element of decoration. The paper format therefore has a strong impact on the sensations of the target, and it will last longer than a digital format.

Receiving an advertisement in paper format will therefore also be more pleasant. To be successful in your campaign, you will need to be careful with the choice of paper, typography, advertising organization and colors. There are therefore many things to think about before sending the media to print for distribution.

You should never forget that a paper format always works, because it translates a special attention when it reaches the hands of your target and this will also help strengthen the commercial relationship through the different media sent to send a thank you card for example !