Some companies are successful on the internet: they constantly acquire new prospects and double their sales every month. Others, on the other hand, find it very difficult in the world to sell any product, and even to sell a low cost solution. How do the former do it? They don’t make the mistakes that the seconds just make …

I will be sincere with you. You are a bankrupt company if you think having a website will bring you customers. You have a cursed business if you think that abusive and intrusive advertising will be your Holy Grail to acquire prospects and sell your solutions.

The truth is that times have changed. Customers have become mature. They are no longer ignorant children who succumbed to your schemes. In 2017, to succeed on the web, you will have to review your strategy on the web. You have to act differently.

It is to save you from a brutal failure that I give you today these 4 mistakes that you make every day.

Take as long as you need to read them. Learn from them. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Mistake # 1: You don’t have a blog

It’s always amazing to see companies that don’t have a blog in 2017. It’s heresy. In this case, your only possibilities of increasing your site traffic and attracting new customers will cost you thousands of euros each month! And my little finger tells me that you devilishly need this big budget, right?

Did you know that companies that blog have 67% more prospects than those that don’t? This has its advantages. It is no longer a luxury, but really a channel for promotion and customer acquisition. But a lot has already been said about the benefits of blogging, I won’t go over them here.

Mistake # 2: You don’t post regularly

When I chat with clients, I usually find that they have a blog that is not updated regularly. It’s almost worse than not having a blog at all. It’s a fact that you’ve already experienced on your side. You have a blog with a nice and functional design, but your last article dates back 6 months! Imagine the negative perception of your potential customers when they discover that your blog is a ghost town. Do you really want to be seen as a lazy business? Because this is how you will be judged: a company unable to take care of itself. So, you must resolve to publish at least once a week.

Mistake # 3: You are not writing the kind of content that your readers need

One of the most dangerous sins in blogging is writing content that is of no value to your audience. We see it all the time. You are too focused on SEO or on selling, selling and always selling! It’s normal. That’s what pays the bills. Just ask any content manager, and they will tell you that writing a blog post requires a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of internet users. Keeping a blog is not like playing the lottery. You have to study your audience, analyze what interests them, understand their motivations. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at your competitors’ blog. Study the articles that are most read, commented on and shared. See how you can learn from it.

Remember, the blog is not about you. No. It focuses on your audience, their pain, their anxieties.

Mistake # 4: You are not promoting your content

Writing and publishing your article while waiting for readers to find out for yourself is a huge mistake. Why ? Here are two reasons:

Reason 1 : Referencing an article in two days is not given. SEO takes a while. That’s why waiting for your readers to find your content on Google is a mess.

Reason 2 : You compete with other bloggers and other companies. By the time you publish your article, over 1000 similar articles are already published. Sometimes they will be even better. How do you hope to be read in such a context?

What you need to do is empower yourself with your ambition. Take the lead. To do this, here are some tips:

  • Send a newsletter containing the link of your article to your subscribers. If you have 367 subscribed to your email list, you are sure to have at least 150 reads of your article;
  • Send a cool email to bloggers and influencers on your topic. It’s crazy to see how people are afraid to approach others. Not everyone is your online opponent. So contacting some and kindly asking them to tweet your article can take you to the top;
  • Publish your article on Twitter;
  • Share your article on LinkedIn and ask your colleagues or collaborators to do the same;
  • Advertise on Facebook to sponsor your article. With 2 euros per day, hundreds of people will easily find out about your content on your Facebook.

In conclusion

To be successful on the web, it’s not necessarily about having the best product or the best solution. Getting known, selling and differentiating yourself are ingredients for success. You are an ambitious company, so act like one. Stop making these mistakes that are killing your business today and gain new momentum with attractive marketing that will really grow your business.