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In the era of web 2.0, it is essential to have impeccable product sheets. They play the role of sales for you on your website! From the start, questions were raised: What to say? What picture ? Video or not? Here are the points to know to succeed in your product page, an essential tool to sell your products.

The structure of your product sheet

Before starting your product sheets, it is important to make a homogeneous charter for all your products. So the customer is not lost when he walks on your site and can more easily compare products.

To help you, I recommend that you:

  • List all the important points to put (product name, description, ingredients, instructions for use, price, dimensions, etc.);
  • Prioritize these points with titles, subtitles…;
  • Choose a suitable presentation: a clear separation of the parts or in the form of a tab if there is a lot of information to communicate.

When you choose your structure, check that it is applicable and compatible with all your products. Above all, stay rigorous and keep the frame for all your products. So you make reading easier for your visitors who will stay and order more easily.

The editorial of your product sheet

The potential customer only has this sheet to get an idea of ​​the product so you must seduce him. For editorial use the inverted pyramid technique: start with the big ideas and then go on with the details.

  • Write as much content as possible: you will be better identified by the search engines and therefore you will have better natural referencing;
  • Use short sentences;
  • Stay concise;
  • Start from the principle: a paragraph = an idea;
  • Ban spelling mistakes, so do not hesitate to have your documents reread to people around you.

Advice for an effective product sheetFor the editorial, do not hesitate to put the important points in bold. You can enter your file with a title or a tagline. It facilitates entry into the file, this exercise is always difficult to do.

The visuals of your product sheet

It’s a priority enhance your photo content. The potential customer cannot test or touch the product, so you have to play with the photos to meet their expectations:

  • Several views of the product;
  • Scenario;
  • Results;
  • Graphics;
  • Zoom in on the details;
  • Approval photos: ingredients, label, application …

It is recommended to put photos as thumbnails and give visitors the opportunity to zoom.

Photos must be of excellent quality and preferably cut out. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional photographer.

The reader will read but he will especially be seduced by the photos while looking for the details. For some products, it is essential to insert photos with zooms on specific parts. For example, a zoom on a seam of a bag to show the quality and resistance of the seams.

Example of product sheet

And the video…

The still little-known video has the advantage of standing out from your competitors. It will be a real sales booster.

It can be used, for example, as an advertising spot for a new product, to explain a somewhat technical manual.

Video has the advantage of making the product much more accessible, real and more fun.

3D: This technique allows the potential customer to appropriate the product. He feels like he is touching the product, seeing the details.

The video is an ideal tool to visualize the assembly of a piece of furniture for example. it is also used for demonstration as can be seen in teleshopping programs on television for a kitchen product for example.

Another example of product sheet

Little extras to bring and don’t forget for your product page

  • The additional sale : at the end of your product sheet do not hesitate to offer a complementary product. For example, combine make-up removing lotion with cleansing milk;
  • Prizes : create promotional offers. For example, a special offer: a memory card offered for the purchase of a camera;
  • User reviews : give the floor to your consumers who are your ambassadors and will allow you to have feedback on your products;
  • Social media : invite visitors to share your product sheets on their social networks.

You will have understood the key to success lies in the preparation of your product sheets. When you have found the ideal structure, all you have to do is dress up and decorate the content of accessories (photos, video, etc.).

So it’s your turn to play now!

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