TikTok launches new stickers to collect donations 2020 Guide -

TikTok has just launched a new initiative to help people affected by COVID-19: collect donations with stickers. They will allow users to raise awareness and raise funds for charitable causes via their clips on the social network…


An original TikTok initiative in the face of the health crisis

While Instagram has launched its new #Challenge sticker, TikTok is offering a new donation sticker to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic. As Social Media expert Matt Navarra explains, users can choose from a range of causes to support with these stickers.

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TikTok also announced in its press release: “Donation stickers are interactive and can be integrated directly into TikTok LIVE videos and streams, just like other TikTok creative effects. When a user presses the donation sticker, he is guided to a popup window where he can quickly and easily send a donation without having to leave the application. Donations are activated by Tiltify, a charitable fundraising platform, which processes donation transactions securely through its platform. “

Up to $ 10 million harvested

At the same time, TikTok states that it has established a partnership with organizations whose missions support vulnerable groups that reflect some of the communities in the social network, but affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. To encourage use of the option, he will automatically add the hashtag #doubleyourimpact to TikTok LIVE videos and streams that use the stickers.

This operation will allow raise up to $ 10 million in donations via stickers during their first month. This amount will be added to $ 385 million already committed to fight the epidemic.

Similar charitable initiatives

Still to help, TikTok has already launched several similar initiatives during this containment, as did Instagram. This week, the Happy At Home charity initiative was launched, broadcasting live celebrity videos to raise additional funds for charities.