TikTok unveils new TikTok Stories -

In 2022, TikTok is on track to reach 1.5 billion with its many features and updates to monetize TikTok content and enable creators to generate revenue from TikTok Stories and their videos…

Incidentally, the social video platform is reportedly testing a new Stories feature, a project it showed off in August 2021. Recently, social media expert Matt Navarra noticed that TikTok is changing its Stories feature for the first time. integrate into “For You”.

In this tweet, we can see some big changes to TikTok Stories:

  • They now display in the FYP feed instead of the stories sidebar;
  • They can now be seen by everyone, not just by people you follow.

TikTok wants to integrate the creation of Stories into the main feed, which would essentially make Stories another content option. Users will be able to create multi-frame sequences of videos and stills which they will then view in -stream, just like any other short video.

So this is a complete change from the first version of TikTok Stories launched in August last year, with stories added to a new sidebar on the left of the screen. This version gave them a dedicated space, but also moved users out of the main stream experience.

Result: this new optimized format does not obscure the main screen with an intrusive sidebar and at the same time would widen the visualization of the stories. These will indeed be included in the regular display, instead of remaining an alternate item.

Further details have been revealed by Matt Navarra

  • Creating a new story is now done via the ‘+’ button instead of via the sidebar;
  • The new story creation mode is called Quick;
  • Multi-part stories are viewed in your FYP by tapping on the video;
  • Stories are highlighted in your FYP with a blue “Stories” tag

In this example, this is what the new TikTok Stories format looks like in the feed, with the blue “Stories” marker on the first image. It also includes an indicator at the bottom of the screen showing the total number of images in the story.

Users would then tap on the video to skip to the next image, a good way to optimize user engagement on TikTok. At the same time, it would add another way to leverage content on TikTok to expand the app’s big monetization potential.

For reference, here’s what the old version of TikTok Stories looked like with the sidebar.

At the moment, it’s still unclear whether the format will work or if it will just annoy users with an alternate process for viewing content. This is undoubtedly what TikTok is trying to determine at this time, but in any case, TikTok is very determined to expand its content offerings to enable effective TikTok campaigns and provide more opportunities to creators in the app.