Tips for designing the best Landing Page - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Here you can find essential tips to create a good Landing Page (“Landing pages” in Spanish). These pages are aimed at generating traffic, getting your visitors to know a product, start a purchase or subscribe to a service. These tips will help you not to miss any detail when designing a Landing Page.

1. Ordered content

Place clear texts, few images, quality, but few, do not abuse buttons, icons, lots of texts or videos, remember that a landing page presents all the content on a single page, your visits have to have the right information. Use large titles, little description, attractive calls to action, tell about your service or product clearly, always tempting the visitor to click on your predefined action, fill out a subscription form or direct it wherever you want.

2. Understandable text

Use readable text, your visits should not force your view to read the content of your landing page. Do not abuse the amount of sources, remember that you should not have more than 3 and that together they produce a good feeling in sight.

Choose sources that help you convey your message in the best way and in turn correctly represent your brand. Check all the texts, it should be easy to read, check the line spacing, the separation between letters, your visits should not have any problems or strive to read the texts of your Landing Page.

3. Achieve a great visual impact

Your Landing Page text must always be accompanied by good images. To communicate a good message you must use this combination correctly. Remember that nowadays people want to find out what the message is about by looking at images, the text is a complement, therefore you have to know how to choose them and locate them. If you decide to create your landing with CWT Advertising, you have all the tools to achieve fabulous backgrounds, using the full width, with parallax effects and much more.

4. All on one page

We repeat it throughout the article, a Landing Page is about that, put all the content on ONE page. Now, we must not reload it, remember that we make these types of pages to achieve a specific objective, for the visitor to subscribe to a service, to buy a product, in short, to achieve a “conversion”.

5. Placing calls to action correctly

Do not confuse your visits, a call to action must be CLEAR. They must know exactly what they are on your Landing Page, where they will go or what will happen if they perform the main action.

It is highly recommended to use buttons, with a direct message. You will achieve more conversions if you make the buttons on your page a magnet for your visits. That does not lend itself to confusion, place large buttons and, if possible, have an animation when hovering over them.

6. Add a subscription or contact form

Increase your customer database, add contact or subscription forms to your newsletter or blog. Save the data of your visitors, it is one of the most valuable things when making successful campaigns.

Did you know that with CWT Advertising you can create a landing page yourself?

With CWT Advertising You can create a professional Landing Page yourself without technical knowledge or depend on a third party. Request a demo, add a page, the editor is easy and intuitive. Here are some tips for you to create an attractive landing: