Tmall Global offers new growth opportunities for English companies -

Tmall Global offers new growth opportunities for international companies wishing to export to China. You must have heard about Double 11 in China, the local black friday? One-day sales total 889 billion yuan, $ 139.4 billion, more than the GDP of many countries. Alibaba, via its Tmall platform, totals 84.5 billion dollars in sales in one day …

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If you’ve always wanted to grow your business in China, this article explores the possibilities of driving sales through Tmall Global. Do you want something new and exciting, with lots of possibilities to participate?

Find out how selling products through the platform is going to be a game-changer. The e-commerce market has become quite fragmented, but there is no denying its size: over 600 million buyers and 50,000 merchants visit it every month in one form or another, depending on their preference (Alibaba being the main one. responsible).

However, to offer your products through normal B2C e-commerce in China, the products must be imported. This requires a legal entity in China and, if you are opening a store on any of these platforms such as Tmall, you must also have a company incorporated here! This is why cross-border trade makes it relatively easy for companies looking for Chinese online buyers to access this market, whereas if they were content with a local market, things would be much more complicated.

In recent years, international growth has been huge, especially when it comes to making small investments like this, which can lead to big rewards.

Since overseas purchases are subject to less tax, you may want to consider cross-border e-commerce. Products on the “positive lists” for this type of import can be imported without applying for an import license or certificate – and benefit from a tax rate as low as 11%.

Consumption of imported goods in China continues to grow

The Tmall Global platform aims to help sellers sell their products in China and capture this expanding market, while providing Chinese consumers with better quality goods from overseas at affordable prices. Tmall is the e-commerce platform which has boosted Livestreaming and above all which has imagined the most important marketing event of the year ahead of Black Friday now, Double 11 or Single Day. Taking place on November 11, it is “Singles Day” in China, a holiday that now gives rise to these massive movements of goods. Since the 1990s, this day has been celebrated in a relaxed and playful way by Chinese singles to celebrate – or perhaps lament – their single status. It is now a global event.

TMall: the online shopping mall for brands

Tmall very often opens new supply centers around the world – for example in strategic locations in Japan (Tokyo), South Korea (Seoul) and Hong Kong; a European hub located near Amsterdam serving shoppers from across Europe as well as the islands of Oceania and the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. These moves further underline the Alibaba Group’s commitment to globalize its activities even more than ever before by setting up shop all over the world.

More information about Tmall on this article.

The Tmall Global platform is a one-stop-shop for all your cross-border e-commerce needs. With 36% market share and over 5,400 international brands available, you’re sure to find out what it’s like to browse China’s largest mall!

Tmall Global, Tmall’s crossborder solution, for imported products sold in China

Tmall Global provides a personalized cross-border (cross-border) and tailor-made solution to small and medium-sized businesses so that they can reach the Chinese consumer. Tmall Global is committed to providing its overseas clients with a better understanding of what drives this market to improve the way sellers are supported on their platform, which will ultimately accelerate growth.

Generally speaking, this should make it easier for any company wishing to do business locally by giving them access not only to detailed information, but also to ideas from the locals themselves!

To be considered for Tmall Global, they must:

  • Have a corporate entity registered outside of mainland China. This means that all the goods sold by this company are not only made in the country, but also come from factories located all over the world;
  • Possess the qualifications of retail and trade abroad;
  • Possess the relevant share certificates; Be the owner of the brand.

Tmall is selective

Over the past decade, the Chinese e-commerce market has grown at an incredible rate. More than half of retail transactions in this country are done on technology platforms like Taobao and Tmall Global! However, international traders still have a long way to go due to the many regulations that must be followed. Unfortunately, you can’t open a store without following all of these rules, and they’re not going to go away.

You can now create your own store on Tmall Global, but there is a catch. You need to have some kind of invitation and a certain amount of money in cation, if you want to register on the site, otherwise you will not be able to! Tmall advises brands to be accompanied by a TP (tmall partner), a company that manages tmall, advertising, and coordinates the logistics part.

The costs on Tmall

The Tmall Global Marketplace is a great way to enter the Chinese market, but it does come with a few drawbacks. You will need your own storefront for this partnership structure to work and you will have only one responsibility: the products and the marketing strategy, while they will take care of everything else, like branding or day-to-day operations (which can be outsourced). However, there are still many costs associated with doing business on Taobao – namely the security deposit, service charges due annually… Tmall takes a lot of resources and budget to operate well.

For companies looking to enter the Chinese market, Tmall Global may be an alternative entry strategy. However, this solution is not suitable for all businesses. The entry requirements combined with the costs associated with establishing a presence on the platform create many barriers to entry and we recommend using Tmall Global only if you have sufficient financial assets or a name. brand already established in order to drive sales traffic. In China, it is important to follow “business” advice tailored specifically to your needs, starting with the management of referencing campaigns on baidu, digital campaigns on Chinese social networks. Inform yourself, read and get advice.

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