To engage your targets, use their content! 2020 -

With the advent of social media, brands are no longer the only ones to communicate and must now deal with visual content created by users. The opportunity for them to rethink their relationship with consumers and to call on their contributions to strengthen its identity …

User Generated Content: consumers are committed to serving the brand

User Generated Content (UGC) defines the content generated and published by users, breaking away from the traditional media of companies that until now had sole control over the dissemination of their content. The explosion of social networks has enabled this new relationship between brands and consumers.

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As Jean Dussetour, CEO of Headoo, points out, “On Instragram – 3rd social network in England – we come above all to follow brands. Users want ‘social influence’Like to do‘social influence. It’s no more “Look at my shoes” But “Look at my brand”. There is a real desire to establish a dialogue with it and to mention it ”.

Through visual, creative and artistic publications, the consumer thus reappropriates a brand by staging the relationship he has with it. A behavior of adhesion which creates a community with which the brand has every interest to dialogue. Always playing on these same visual codes, you have to be able to tell a story. Goodbye to the traditional product catalog and make way for creative, amazing and fun visuals… From your community.

Much cheaper than a conventional advertising campaign, they also promote SEO and purchase, the conversion rate can increase up to 74%.

There are several simple and quick mechanisms to deploy to capitalize on the content of your users, starting with the promotion of their publications on your own distribution channels. This is particularly the case of GoPro, a pioneer in the field, which uses the creations of its fans to fuel its Instagram page or who goes so far as to create commercials from their own films.

In the event that a brand’s UGC content is limited, it is possible to solicit it by publishing participatory posts that generate user engagement. It is thus possible to create a “first corpus”, be it artistic like here with the Bordeaux stadium which invites its fans to relive the year through their own photos; or simply fun, like at which boosts its visibility by inviting people to play.

Finally, you can also count on your first community, your collaborators. It is enough to encourage them to publish content around an event for example or, like Michel and Augustin, to offer to go behind the scenes of the company from proactive photos and videos of your employees.

UGC content is above all good ideas that can boost your brand image … at a lower cost.

Trust your community to create positive visual content

On platforms like Instagram, the comments are very positive. There is therefore no reason to deprive you of this communication.

Establish a direct relationship with your community

Highlight users by challenging them, thanking them for creating a dynamic of dialogue. Behind them is built a community (of messages, images) made up of profiles and publications that speak about you and which group together the contributions of users under the same signature.

Make sure you have the user’s consent

Always respect the issuer of a publication that you use, especially since its reuse will cost you nothing in the vast majority of cases.

User content thus brings an immediate image benefit and lends credibility to your brand, your products and services through community building. More than ever, count on it!