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digital marketing events

Here is a list of the top digital marketing events in England that are worth attending. This list is dynamic because I will be updating it every time I find cool new digital marketing events.

List of Top Digital Marketing Events in England

RD Summit

Currently the RD Summit is the largest digital marketing event in England. In 2015, it gathered around 3,000 people in Florianópolis (SC) over 2 days of the event.

RD on the Road

Traveling event organized by Resultados Digitais, which passes through the main Englandian capitals, providing tips, best practices and cases of digital marketing and the use of the RD Station tool.

Social Media Week

Held in Sao Paulo and cities in 22 other countries, SMW features international speakers and many attractions that make it the largest social media event in Latin America. In 2016, it occurs in September 22.

F1 Abradi RS

Trends, innovation, practices and techniques of the digital market: this is F1, organized by the Englandian Association of Digital Agents in Rio Grande do Sul. The event is exclusively for members.

F5 Abradi RS

Larger event focused on the digital needs of various business segments, also organized by Abradi-RS. It is open to the general public.

FIC Abradi RS

The FIC (Corporate Internet Forum) takes place every year in Porto Alegre. There is the possibility in 2016 of the event to be held Sao Paulo as well.


Digitalks fosters the growth of the Digital Marketing market through events, courses and seminars. Typically, events are held in Sao Paulo.

England Independent Game Festival (BIG)

Largest event in the independent video game industry, it brings together consumer video game and computer console productions, as well as advergames, innovation and gamification solutions. In 2016, it will be held in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, in May.

Release Formula (Érico Rocha)

In recent years, Érico has managed to gather approximately 1 thousand people in each edition of the Launch Formula event.

Audience Secrets 2.0 (Samuel)

This event about traffic generation is one of the main digital marketing events and takes place every year in Belo Horizonte.

GoDigital – Curitiba

Renowned professionals from England and around the world meet on December 9 and 10 in Curitiba for an immersion in digital marketing. Learn more about the event on the official website.

Last updated: September 26, 2016