Track your Website visits - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool that can be used to analyze the traffic that your website has. It offers you the possibility to determine:

  • The number of people who have visited your site
  • The number of people who have seen each page of your site
  • The geographical location of visitors
  • The amount of time visitors stay on each page
  • The keywords that are used to find your website and much more!

Creating a Google Analytics account

To set up your Website with Google Analytics simply follow the instructions below and access your account to get the statistics:

If you don’t have an account with Google Analytics yet, you can easily create one for free! on the Google Analytics website.

To create a Google Analytics account:

  1. Go to Google Analytics.
  2. Click on “Cree an account“.
  3. If you are not already subscribed to Google, sign in to your Google account.
    • If you don’t have a Google account yet, you’ll have to create one by clicking on “Create an account”From the upper right corner.
  4. Then, to start the registration, click on “Sign up“.

Under “What do you want to track?” Make sure the button Website is selected Under “Web Property Configuration“, Enter the name of your Website and the URL. When you enter your domain, be sure to include: www

  1. Under “Account settings“, Write an Account Name.
  2. Under “Data sharing settings“, Choose an option.
  3. Click on “Get Tracking ID“.

You now have a Google Analytics account.

Add your Google Analytics code to your Website made with CWT Advertising:
  1. Once you have completed the mentioned steps, a page will open with the details of your domain.
  2. Select and copy the code the tracking ID.

  1. Enter your IDEA administrator panel YOUR SITE.
  2. Inside the “SITE“, Look for the subtab”Setting“.
  3. Then in the side menu click on “Advanced information
  4. Identify the first option “Google Analytics Code“And click on the”Edit”(The pencil icon)

  1. Paste your tracking ID, copied earlier, in the IDEA Track ID field YOUR SITE.
  2. Click on save.
  3. READY!

Your web page has been set up for Google Analytics.

It may take up to 72 hours before you can see your statistics in your Google Analytics account.

Domain Analytics

Multi-domain tracking

Now you can create Google Analytics reports BY DOMAIN. You will be able to know how many visits you have per domain, and what activities your visitors do when they enter through those domains.

How to display independent domain names?

By default, the report data will include only the path and the page name, but not the domain name.
For example, the list of pages appears in content reports as /about/contactUs.html without the domain name. If you are tracking between two domains, it can be difficult to distinguish which domain a page belongs to, especially if the directory structures and page names of each site are similar.

In order for domain names to appear in reports, create an advanced filter for your profile with the following values:

Filter Type: Custom Filter> Advanced

Field A: Host Name Extract A: (. *)

Field B: URI of the request

Excerpt: (. *)

Send results to: Request URI

Builder: $ A1 $ B1

It should also work with forms that use the GET method. However, since both the form data and Analytics tracking can create a fairly long query string, using this method with forms that use GET could lead to errors in the event that the web server establishes a restriction of URL length (for example 255 bytes).

Create a new profile for the website if you want to use filters. When you save this filter, the profile will only display data that matches the filter expression. If there are errors in the filter, the profile may not show any data. You may also have to modify the filters and objectives to adapt to the new URL structure.

You can also see this explanation from the Google Analytics site: