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Trends in digital marketing for 2018The first month of 2018 is gone and they are already beginning to observe several trends in digital marketing that will be present over the coming months in the strategies of companies and brands around the world.

The IAB England agency has published a list with 15 trends that will be very present in digital marketing in 2018. Thanks to the good implementation of them in the market, brands can increase their sales numbers and also their reputation. Here the list with the 15 trends.

Trends in digital marketing for the year 2018

2018 digital marketing trends

First of all we find the online audio focused on virtual assistants. Tools such as Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Home, among others, will increase its popularity because 41% of marketing professionals in England use virtual assistants for the consumer to meet their needs with a product or service.

Then we run into branding. Each brand must treat each customer personally, not as a general sales method. Customers want to have more prominence in the company, so as a marketing strategy personal relationships should be encouraged so that each person can feel at ease with the business or product you have purchased.

To close the top 3 we have to native content and advertising, which would be advertising on web pages through content as the king to establish itself in the advertising field. Then we found the data, which will seek to ensure the quality and origin of the information.

After these trends there is also the Digital signage, which will focus mainly on the behavioral analysis of the individual (what he does, what he likes, what his lifestyle, how he buys products and services, study of target, etc.). In the sixth box the electronic commerce, which should improve the quality of order deliveries.

The seventh place on the podium is taken by electronic games, who will take more prominence in various devices such as the PS4, mobile and other consoles. They finish completing the top 10 the technological innovation, regulation and security controls and finally the measurement of audiences through accurate statistics.

The mobile sector is located in position number 11

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Source: WWwhatsnew