Twitter Flight School has a new look! 2020 Guide -

Do you want to master Twitter advertising and become an expert, whatever your level? Twitter Flight School, the training platform for marketing professionals, launches its new version…

Launched in September 2015, Twitter Flight School offers a free online training program to all marketing and communication professionals. From design to implementation to optimizing their clients’ Twitter campaigns, everyone can become a Twitter expert, regardless of the level of knowledge of Ads on the social network.

Trainer training

Twitter Flight School provides them with several supports to control advertising on Twitter: resources to download, live training, personal recognition courses, success stories, and of course courses. It also aims to learn how to create and optimize the most relevant campaigns and to master the conversations that are the trend, like the communication strategy of Burger King recently.

A new course faced with the current situation

Faced with the current situation, the training adapts to the calendar constraints of its users. Recently, the training platform launched a new course in order to better understand the specifics of the audience of this social network.

In a press release, Ikrame El Bouayadi, Marketing Director, Twitter England, declares: “The current situation creates uncertainty for many of us as to what attitude to take. We recognize that this unprecedented period requires a new approach. To help professionals on a daily basis, we are committed to providing the necessary information and resources. Twitter Flight School offers new training, a brand new interface and badges attesting to your successfully completed courses. “

Twitter Flight School offers 3 training courses and 6 hours of content, available in 9 languages, including French. In the program :

  • The fundamentals of advertising on Twitter;
  • How to get started with the Twitter Ad Manager;
  • How to boost your campaign with video.

In turn, “Get on board.” Take off. “!

Check out Twitter Flight School here.