two new features to customize your videos 2020 Guide -

With confinement, the challenges on social networks are increasing. The challenges on Instagram for example and the essential TikTok are causing a buzz. To make it even easier to create and publish unique, fun and creative videos, the app recently proposed two new features …

Adjust your videos

To improve and facilitate the creation of content, fun and creative, the main features of TikTok, the application offers a new effect that allows you to adjust your videos.

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This new feature allows you to take different video clips and move them to determine the desired sequencing.

It also allows you to have fun by easily assembling your videos and playing with their order to tell your story in a unique way.

A small example …

Pin stickers

The best marketing campaigns now use emotions in viral content. On social networks, the most suitable approach to convey your message is to use an emoji or a sticker.

They are indeed a creative way to express your thoughts more clearly and convey a more impactful message rather than using simple words.

TikTok understood this and had already launched new stickers to collect donations in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The app also just offered to pin stickers and emoticons in your videos.

Pretty fun isn’t it?