Two simple tools to edit videos without leaving the browser - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -


Although there are extremely powerful alternatives in the world of video editing, there are many users and small businesses that do not need the full potential of this type of software. Luckily, for this type of audience we find simple tools that allow us Get professional results by editing our videos from the browser. Then we recommend two options to consider.

Typito (English language only)


If you are looking for a simple tool with which to obtain quality results in your videos, Typito is one of the most interesting options. With operation based on dragging and dropping elements across the interface, The tool allows us to trim fragments of the video, add texts, modify the audio … And best of all, once we are satisfied with the result we can share it directly through our favorite platforms.


For all those who need an option on-line With which to optimize, trim or adjust the brightness and color of your videos, Clipchamp is an option to consider. Available for free for basic use, The tool is ideal for this type of basic editions. In addition, one of its advantages is that we can work with files up to 20GB, which is a whole point in favor. Fully recommended.

Source: Wwwhatsnew