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The business of SEO consultant is one of the oldest professions in digital marketing, it is also one of the most acclaimed. I had the chance to start my career in this position almost 15 years ago, today my job has diversified but SEO remains one of the pillars of my profession. Typical day, qualities required, place of work … In this article, I invite you to learn more about this profession requiring, you will see, several strings to its bow …

First of all, what is a SEO?

Attention, we must distinguish the SEO consultant job, which can also be found under the terms SEO consultant, SEO project manager or other positions including SEO or SEO, that of a consultant or Adwords project manager. The first will aim to position a site within natural results Google and other engines, while the second will be responsible for managing advertising campaigns via Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing Ads. In this article, we will focus on the first, the second will be the subject of a future article 🙂

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The main objective of the SEO will be to position the site of his employer or his client in the natural results of search engines.

SEO is going to be a both technical and marketing, it requires versatility in these two aspects.

Marketing side, the SEO consultant should be able to identify its target, perform a semantic audit to find the expressions sought by the latter, write content and build partnerships.

On the technical side, the SEO project manager must be able to analyze the technical structure of a site, write optimization specifications or even modify the site himself or develop SEO assistance scripts.

From these technical and marketing aspects, we will find different profiles of SEO consultants:

  • Marketing profile which will focus on the choice of expressions, content writing, partnerships, analysis of results and project monitoring;
  • The technical profile which will be centered on optimization specifications, script development and technical monitoring of referencing;
  • The versatile profile who can take charge of the different aspects of the project.

For my part, I have a fairly versatile profile with still a more pronounced marketing cap 🙂

Now that we know the job better, I suggest you see together the typical day of an SEO consultant.

Typical day of an SEO consultant

9:00 am the day begins, after a good coffee to re-boost, the SEO consultant carries out his daily watch. He will read French and American (more advanced) sites on SEO. For this part, he uses Feedly, an RSS reader, to quickly browse all the news in the field.

Watch is an essential element for this job. Methods and techniques evolve regularly. It is important to keep up to date. Likewise, Google’s algorithm is updated regularly, you have to know how to adapt your techniques. What could be effective a few years ago can hurt SEO today.

referencing analysis9:30 am: his knowledge updated thanks to the day before, the SEO will then analyze the results of his previous actions. It also updates its monitoring dashboards. Evolution of traffic, monitoring of positions on key expressions, evolution of leads provided, monitoring of the number of links acquired, monitoring of errors on the site to correct them … As in all trades, it is important to be organized and to know how to analyze the data to then direct its actions and make the right decisions. For this part, it is necessary to master the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics and statistical analysis.

10h00: Super a new customer! After taking a brief via a conference call with him, it’s time to think about his strategy by analyzing the existing situation and setting up the main lines of his SEO.

google search console

11:00 : No time to breathe, after other discussions with its customers, the answers to their questions and the delivery of documents for their referencing, the SEO puts in place, for a new customer, Google Analytics tracking and benefits for him install Google Search Console, the tool offered by Google to follow the correct indexing of its site.

11.45 am: the SEO consultant will now take back his marketing cap, he must now carry out a semantic audit for his client in the travel industry. After a first brainstorming, he studies the number of searches and the competition on each of the keywords. Depending on its elements, it selects the most relevant keywords. For this he will be able to use the tools offered on Google Adwords or more advanced tools dedicated to SEO like SEMRush. The semantic audit is essential for the proper conduct of SEO, these are the keywords found during this audit that will guide the SEO strategy and the actions that result from it. This milestone should not be underestimated. Depending on the theme, a semantic audit may take from half a day to several days of work. This audit must also be updated regularly.

12:30 p.m .: lunchtime is approaching, our consultant is putting aside his semantic audit to get his strength back 🙂 He will continue his audit the next day because other actions are planned after lunch.

SEO writing

2:00 p.m .: back full of energy, the seo consultant briefs the editorial team to guide the writing of the next topics, it gives editors recommendations on the subjects to be chosen, the expressions to be used as well as the number of words and the media to be included in the editorials. This SEO is in a developed structure, a whole team works with him, he does not have to manage the editorial aspect. He could also be in a smaller company where he would also manage to write the content for the site. The content writing should be thought for the engines but especially for the target readers. The profession therefore also requires editorial skills.

3:30 p.m. : after spending time answering customers’ emails, the SEO decides to tackle the drafting of an optimization specification. A few days before, he had carried out a technical audit of his client’s site in the insurance field, he must now direct SEO actions via a new document. The SEO optimization specifications will include all the recommendations for optimizing the site: the writing of titles, metas, content organization, technical optimization of templates and so on… A specification includes a multitude of aspects to optimize on the site. The work will depend on the size of the site and its complexity. The document will require several days of work from the SEO. Our SEO therefore decides to advance on this document which he will have to return within ten days. It will have to be organized to manage the different needs of its customers in parallel so as to return the documents to them on time.

5:45 pm: our SEO consultant decides to put aside the drafting of the specifications to move forward on the netlinking strategy from his other client. After analyzing the existing links, he identifies new potential partners. He thought of a strategy to approach them to create links in the most natural way possible. Linking is probably the most delicate part of the job. Although essential, links if they are poorly made may cause damage to the referencing of the site (we mean by badly done, the fact of not respecting the instructions of the engines as regards creation of links). During his analysis, he also spotted low quality links, he decides to take the necessary actions to remove them in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later. He also spotted 404 errors on the site, he will send his client a list of redirects to set up.

6:45 p.m.: before ending his day, the SEO checks his emails one last time, answers his customers and organizes the planning for the next day.

Other actions that an SEO consultant can take

I tried to show as many aspects of the profession as possible on this typical day, but there are many others. To keep his knowledge up to date, the SEO project manager must regularly carry out tests. For this, he often has a network of personal sites which allows him to test new techniques without harming the sites on which he works.

Always to stay up to date, he can follow advanced SEO training or participate in SEO related events like the SEO camp for example.

He may also have to manage the publication of blog articles or even their promotion.

Finally, he can also train his clients in SEO.

Qualities to exercise this profession

As you can see, the job of SEO requires several types of skills, technical, marketing and editorial.

The SEO must be curious, have a thirst for learning and know how to regularly question themselves to maintain their skills at the right level.

It will, of course, have to be organized.

Even if he has a predominantly marketing profile, he should still have a minimum of HTML knowledge.

If it has a more technical profile, it will have to master dynamic language (PHP, ASP or other), script creation and all the technical aspects that can impact referencing (server management…).

For the semantic part, empathy will be an asset for the SEO, thanks to this quality, he can guess how to search for people targeted by SEO actions.

He must also have good editorial skills, and have to adapt to the different levels of his clients. Some will have good SEO knowledge, others not at all, the SEO will need to know how to adapt their language to be understood by their customers.

Always in the same logic, the sense of communication will be an asset for this job.

As you can see, the profession of SEO consultant is a rich profession calling on multiple skills.

Where can we work as a SEO?

Any company with a website and web communication goals may need an SEO consultant.

The SEO consultant can intervene in different types of companies:

  • Agencies specializing in SEO: in this case, the SEO will have to manage a multitude of projects in parallel, he may also be specialized in a field: content, technique, creation of links, etc.
  • Companies with internal skills: depending on the size of the company, the roles of the SEO will be more or less broad. He will have to be versatile in a small structure and may be more specialized in a larger structure with a team for digital marketing.
  • Freelance: the job being requested, a SEO will have no trouble finding clients and being independent.

If you are looking for a SEO position or want to recruit one, do not hesitate to visit our job site Job & co’m regularly having SEO job offers.

Training in SEO

The first thing to know is that in this business, you will never stop learning. Whatever your level, you should always have an active watch and update your knowledge.

We can find SEO training modules in some schools training in digital professions but specialized schools are still rare. We can note the IUT of Mulhouse specialty referencing and web editor. For my part, I had followed the Ifmarket webmarketer training which had a few days dedicated to SEO but it was mainly by practicing that I was able to train myself in this profession.

In parallel, you have professional training over 1 to 7 days that allow you to train. For our part, we offer training “The fundamentals of SEO” in face-to-face format for two days in Paris or online format allowing you to train at your own pace.

Tools to master in SEO

To advance in his work, the SEO consultant will have to master a certain number of tools.

First of all analytical tools : Google Analytics, AT Internet & co, he should be able to work regardless of the analytics tool chosen by his client.

The tools specific to SEO: Google Search Console, SemRush, SemVisu, Myposeo … Many tools exist and new ones come out regularly, he will have to be able to use them and follow the news of the profession to discover the new tools.

Excel-type tools, spreadsheets will play an important role for the SEO, on a daily basis he will use them to do semantic audits, his dashboards … He will have to master Excel on the fingertips 🙂


The job of SEO is a great job, with its many aspects, you will not be bored. It can also be a first step to then broaden your skills to other levers of digital marketing. Conversely if you are in another branch of web marketing (community management or other) training in SEO will allow you to broaden your skills and be more efficient.

A question about the job, ask me

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