Understanding and Installing the Facebook Pixel by Raphael Paillet. 2020 -

The Facebook Pixel was set up in 2014 by Facebook with the aim of collecting Facebook profiles who visit our website or click on one of our ads and then combine them into one audience that we can retarget

Today, the Facebook Pixel has developed, and allows us to go even further in order tooptimize our advertising.

I have indeed explained in this article that today, to gain visibility, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest money on Facebook in a smart ad budget. Because it is through the collection of this data that we can create new ads with Facebook Ads that will target a qualified audience directly, the one who is interested in your content!

I talk about it in more detail in this video:

How to create and install the Facebook Pixel?

If you have not yet installed your Facebook Pixel, I offer this quick tutorial to guide you on the creation of this tool.

You will therefore be able to use this powerful tool to optimize your next Facebook Ads ads.

Now that you know everything about this famous “Pixel”, it’s time to install it on your website and retarget people who visit your website in the most targeted way possible.