Understanding Inbound Marketing on video 2020 -

Sometimes the video can be a complementary media to understand a concept. Seeing someone explain it and commenting on it allows you to take on a concept more intimately than by reading about it. This is why, I wanted to make a video explaining the concept of Inbound Marketing to which I am very attached …

You will find below a video of a little more than 6 minutes (4 x 1min30 😉 presenting Inbound Marketing and how I define it (You also have a definition also on our site here). For me, beyond its simple translation into inbound marketing or attraction marketing, I consider it a systemic approach allowing to make your brand, your business your own media and to convert your audience into a customer.

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I let you discover the video.

One of the important elements to remember is the 3 steps of the Inbound Marketing funnel:

  1. Generate traffic by becoming your own media, namely producing, editing and distributing content.
  2. Convert this traffic into a prospect by collecting contacts in exchange for content or goodies, etc.
  3. Convert prospects into customers with lead nurturing, telesales, etc.