Unique Unique and quality content? The guarantee of better visibility 2020 -

This article was written by Paloma Nosten, Business developer for the French market at greatcontent.fr. Existing on the web is not just a simple presence. Indeed, the construction of an e-reputation can only be done from a marketing strategy allowing to maximize its visibility on the web. SEO is therefore an essential question. Relevant and effective content therefore appears essential.

How to choose your keywords?

It turns out that the individual looking for information on the net is hardly interested further than the first page of results displayed on his screen. Therefore, we understand the importance of SEO and the need to stop relevant keywords.

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Common mistakes are:

  1. Multiply keywords;
  2. Choose keywords generating the most research.

This strategy is counterproductive. In either case, wanting to be “where it is” means being just one of a multitude of other strangers in the shade of a few giants. What to do then? Target its difference, its particularity, its originality in order to make it its primary asset and significantly increase its visibility. For the creation of content the ideal, is that the latitude is total as for the choice of the key words and the place which one wishes to grant them in an original text.

Why unique and original content?

Generating traffic on your site does not guarantee success, you still have to keep your audience with quality content. Optimizing your page therefore comes down to skillfully combining the useful with the pleasant. We must therefore ensure that:

  1. The share of keywords in the content is between 1 and 5% (subject to debate!) In order to provide good visibility of the site on search engines;
  2. The quality of the content is there to attract and retain the potential readership.

Hence the importance of unique and original content. Again, the marketing logic is to differentiate yourself from the competition, too easily inclined to adopt the “copy / paste” policy. Offering exclusive and original texts is ensuring your site a clean existence by optimizing its potential to interest a requesting audience, therefore captive. In addition, a convinced public will return to the website following the regularity of publication or share the content on social networks. Great content not only improves visibility on search engines, but also boosts impact on social media.

What content to optimize your pages?

Whatever the vocation of a site (commercial, informative or other), the content offered should in no way be off-putting or display too clearly a vocation that many will describe as “propagandist”. Between the pompous superlative and the simple enumeration there is an acceptable margin allowing to reach certain objectives of communication while interesting the reader.

However, writing is not an innate quality. Therefore, calling on professionals is an alternative to seriously consider. Briefed on expectations, the editors must provide:

  1. Content in line with the objectives of the site in terms of SEO and editorial interest;
  2. A structured text, organized in part and sub-part, whose logical sequence and clarity must offer a fluidity in reading;
  3. Quality content, verifiable in all circumstances, and treated from an original angle ensuring its uniqueness on the web;
  4. The contribution of specialized authors is therefore a significant added value. Expanding the number of writers allows for different approaches and increases the number of ideas. Thus, it is possible to reach a wider target and increase its traffic, potentially also the number of customers.

Renewing its content, an imperative?

The status quo is obviously a limit in terms of the development of a site. However, feeding the latter ensures its prosperity. If, obviously, some bulimia is not desirable, the regular addition of new texts or the updating of dated content can ensure dynamism while maintaining its visibility. But there is one rule that must be followed:

One theme = one page.

Indeed, it is better to multiply short and incisive articles than to drown your words in a block of unhealthy text. And don’t forget that each subject (product, company, activity, service, etc.) is infinitely affordable!

The diversity and the large number of authors present on the writing platforms open a wide field of treatment of the same subject according to the sensitivity, the culture and the degree of knowledge of the one who writes. Never to lose sight of…

The importance of content in the marketing process of promoting a site is therefore not a simple filling. This is an approach that must be thought of in the same way as ergonomics or design. By its quality and originality, the content offered is as much intended to integrate search engines through the front door (in other words without necessarily abusing netlinking) than to offer a reading full of interest to visitors. This will inevitably lead to a loyalty process and, through this, the prospect of lasting over time.

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