Upload your products - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Your IDEA plan YOUR SITE already includes a catalog created by default on your website. You just have to add products and categories to start using it. We show you how to do it step by step below:

Enter your IDEA administration panel YOUR SITE using the data you received in the service registration email.


Once inside the panel, click on the main tab “My catalog”.


Now, press the secondary screen “Categories”.


Before entering products, we will create the different categories in which we will order the different products that you will offer for sale. Press the button “Create category”.


The task is very simple: it indicates the category name, a short description and, if it were a subcategory, select the main category to which it belongs from the drop-down on the right. Press “Save Changes”.


To add more categories, repeat points 4 and 5 as many times as necessary.


Now, we will create the final products that you will offer in your catalog. Press the secondary tab “Products”. Here, the procedure is equally simple and highly customizable. Press the button “Create product”.


You will see a drop-down screen with all the necessary options to make a complete description of the product. Start by indicating the Product name and one short description in the first two boxes offered on the screen, then describe all the details that your potential customers need to know about your product. Accounts with a Full text editor that will allow you to easily choose the text size, color, alignment, add item list, highlight text and add images.


Press “Price / Stock” in the menu on the left. You can choose from the dropdown the currency in which your prices will be displayed and write the unit value of the product. If you have a Reference Code SKU (from English Stock-Keeping Unit) you can include it in the designated field. In the Stock section, you can enable stock control for this product by checking the respective option.


Now, in the left margin menu press “Images” to upload one or more photos of the product. If you are going to load them from your computer, press the button “+ FROM MY PC”. If they are already online, indicate their URL after pressing the button “+ FROM URL”.


Returning to the menu on the left, press the option “Videos”. Indicate in the blank box the URL of the video that you have uploaded to YouTube describing your product.


Now choose “Categories” from the menu on the left. Place the mouse cursor over the blank box and choose the category to which your product belongs from the drop-down. Press the button “Save Changes”. Ready! You have already created your first product!

To enter a similar product, press the button “Duplicate this product”.

To add new products, repeat the steps 7 to 12 of this tutorial