Use the power of UX in your favor on your website and online store - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Learn in detail one of the most talked about concepts in the digital world, and how to implement it on your website.Perhaps you have heard about UX, initials of User Experience, in a conference, in a video on YouTube, or in an Internet post, and you have found it complex, difficult to understand or even more to apply. Today in CWT Advertising We want to explain it to you in a simple way so you can develop your concepts. If you use our solution for the development of your website, it should be noted that the proposed approaches are already included in the basic templates and in the operation of the content editor, but anyway it is essential that you handle the concepts of UX when creating your pages and you can use them in your favor.

The definition of UX and why its need

UX is the study of the emotions and response of a person after interaction with a digital environment (web, computer system, shopping cart) or with a technological device (from a smartphone to a smart suitcase), and the degree of satisfaction of that interaction will depend on the success or failure of the solution.

The root of the need for UX is that technology products are developed by engineers, or programmers, who are not always able to capture the specific needs of users, and in what is the best way to achieve interaction. Hundreds of failures noted the need to include the analysis of emotions as part of the creation process, and to include concepts of psychology or sociology during the productive phase.


How to measure user satisfaction?

One of UX’s biggest challenges is how to measure human emotions, since it is extremely complex to objectively quantify subjective aspects.

Fortunately, the experts designed some methods that we tell you below.

Measuring UX with SUS
SUS (System Usability Scale) is a simple way to measure the personal experience of the user regarding a system. To combine the final usability result, formulas that obtain a final SUS index between 0 and 100 must be applied.

The questions that are carried out are always answered in a score between 1 and 5, and are of the style:

“Do I think I will use this system frequently to make purchases?”,
“Did I easily find the products I was looking for?”,
“I clearly visualized the product before purchasing it.”

As we said before, beyond the application of the concepts of UX by CWT Advertising, it is important to keep in mind that the way you load your items in your virtual store, the videos, the descriptions and images that you include are essential For the perception of your buyers.

More Measurements with NPS!
NPS is another indicator, also with a final value between 1 and 100, which measures the loyalty of a customer. This indicator is extremely simple to obtain, interpret and explain. It is based on just one simple question: “How likely are you to recommend this product or service?”

The scale used is answering from 1 to 10 and having as a reference value 1 for “I would never recommend this product” and 10 that would be “always would”.

Where to start in UX?

Steve Jobs, without a doubt one of the biggest luminaries in UX, has also given us unforgettable products, speeches and phrases.

“You must start with the customer experience and then work on technology. Not the other way around. ”

Whether you make your website, implement your shopping cart, or develop a digital marketing campaign, Always remember that your recipient is a person, who will feel different emotions instantaneously and even unconsciously just make contact with your design, and that these reactions will be key to the success of your business.