Value of a website. How much is my website worth? 2020 Guide -

Have you ever wondered what a website is worth and how you can sell it? If so, this article covers the most important aspects of buying and selling websites from my personal experience

To briefly present how I got started in this business, it all started when one of my websites exploded in terms of traffic and started generating a few thousand euros a month thanks to SEO. After a while, I realized there was real potential there, so I started my business to manage and create WEB sites.

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Should you sell your website?

If your website is profitable, it’s really it’s up to you to decide whether to keep it or try to sell it. Once you sell it, you don’t generate any more income, so you essentially exchange an income-generating asset for a lump sum in cash. However, if you keep your website, you don’t really know if it will generate more or less revenue in the future. Both decisions therefore include a significant risk.

What is the value of your website?

The first thing you are probably wondering is: how much is your website really worth. While this may be difficult to determine, it is generally not an exact value, but rather aa fork. Even if we all believe that the value of our own websites is based on their potential, this is not true in the real world.

Website brokers (which will be discussed later in this article) rarely assess the value of a website against its potential. The most important factors are the revenue and the traffic it generates. Depending on the type of website, a good general rule is 24 to 36 times monthly income.

So, if your website generates € 1,000 per month, its value is in the range of € 24,000 to € 36,000. You may be wondering now why such a range is so important. The reason largely depends on the type of website. Subscription-based websites, whether ASOs or business models based on recurring membership, tend to get higher ratings because of their recurring payments.

In contrast, affiliate and content-based sites, which rely heavily on organic traffic from search engines and social networks, tend to be rated lower. Several other elements are taken into account in the evaluation of a website, such as site age, revenue evolution, traffic evolution, traffic sources, etc.

How can you sell your website?

Even if you can find investors and potential buyers anywhere, the safest way to sell your website is to go through a website broker. The three website brokers that we will briefly introduce in this article are FE International, DotMarket and Flippa. The biggest difference between these three brokers is the seriousness and size of the website. For websites with a value greater than € 10,000. And for larger ones worth more than € 10,000, FE International is the most obvious choice.

FE International

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The most reputable website broker is FE International. Many people sell good WEB sites through this company and at the best possible price. They take care of all legal documentation, the marketing of the sale of your website and facilitate any interaction with potential buyers. Although their commission fees vary, they are generally around 15% for large websites. But the best part is that you generally don’t pay anything up front to register your site on their market.


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DotMarket is a platform of French origin on which you can sell your website. It has a free and very efficient site estimator, this will give you a rough idea of ​​the value of your property.. However, before being able to sell your site on this platform, you must first submit it to a verification. It must also generate enough income. Personalized support is offered and the sellers are certified.


Flippa is the only broker on this list who favors auctions rather than direct sales. You can try to sell your website for the amount you want, but there is no guarantee of sale. As you can probably imagine, Flippa being a free market place like eBay, the risk of scam is greater. The websites offered for sale are not really controlled and all due diligence is the responsibility of the buyer. This is why I suggest that you only use Flippa if your website is worth less than 10,000 dollars.