Video case study of a successful strategy 2020 -

Email marketing advice tends to be complicated: segmentation, automation, optimization, etc. How about we go back to basics? In this video, I break down with you the successful email marketing strategy of the company IWT …

A simple but effective email marketing strategy

IWT is an American company that makes a few million euros in sales per year by selling information products in the field of personal finance, for example training courses to negotiate your salary or become a freelance.

Training & Co'm

They have two particularities:

  1. They sell exclusively by email;
  2. They are positioned more upscale than most of their competitors, with prices often exceeding $ 1,000 for training.

The result: they perfected the art of email marketing.

You will see that this is nothing revolutionary. As often, success depends on the application of a few fundamental principles:

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