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The form stories is a concept invented by the American novelist Kurt Vonnegut. The idea is that you can represent any story on a graph, and understand at a glance its emotional issues …

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The narrative schemes are universal: they are found in the myths of all cultures, in 18th century novels, in video games, in Hollywood films…

At this point, there is good reason to believe that these narrative patterns are literally ingrained in our DNA.

In short – if you want your prospect to listen to your message, it’s in your interest to understand these patterns, and apply them to your own story.

What is the story you tell in your business?

I invite you to ask yourself this question. It is not necessarily your story, it may be that of your client, your field of activity … or even the history of all of humanity. In any case, ask yourself what is the basic structure of your story:

  • What is the starting situation?
  • What is the crisis that changes everything?
  • What is the solution ?
  • How is the hero changed by his adventure?



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