As much as companies and entrepreneurs in English-speaking countries have adopted video as a major vector of their marketing efforts, French people seem, for the time being still, to consider video as a niche vector …

But if you read this article, then you have already understood that video is a very powerful way to promote your business or your website.

The figures speak for themselves:

  • Youtube has 800 million visitors per month, making him the 2nd search engine (after Google);
  • 72 hours of video are downloaded every minute on Youtube ;
  • 4 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube around the world (it’s like more than half of the world’s population watches a video a day!);
  • A Landing Page with video results in a conversion rate 80% higher than a page without video;
  • Our brain can process visual images 50,000 times faster than text;
  • Embedded video will double the time your audience spends on your site.

But still it is necessary that your video is seen to be able to bring traffic to your site or to sell your products or services. You must therefore master the video SEO techniques.

This is why I created this series of 3 videos which contain a proven method in 10 steps to reference your videos on Youtube and Google.

The first video on SEO first gives proof of the effectiveness of this method and then addresses the 3 essential steps to implement before even uploading your video to Youtube. It also gives many resources for making your videos:

  • Keyword research for insiders: Don’t make the same mistake that most Youtubers make;
  • What should contain at all costs your script (it’s easy but often forgotten);
  • SEO optimization before downloading: An important but unknown error that is found on 95% + of videos on Youtube.

In this second video you will learn:

  1. How? ‘Or’ What optimize your title and description. Mistakes to avoid absolutely;
  2. The error that is found, at the tag level, on 95% + of videos on Youtube and that costs you dearly in number of views;
  3. An advantage which allows you to stand out from almost all other Youtubers.

Watch “Video Referencing” on Youtube.

Resources: To access the bonus mentioned in the video (a description template (.txt file) which contains all the important steps for a perfect video description with precise instructions), simply click here.

In the last video in this series you will learn:

  • Why two identical videos are not identical. And what you need to do with your Youtube channel.
  • How to get more social indicators easily.
  • Backlinking techniques for your videos that work.