Virtual reality is not a “geeks” thing, the average consumer is interested - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
virtual realityMaybe it’s time to change the eternal question of whether the virtual reality it will become something mainstream by When will he do it? Today we have the necessary technologies to produce highly immersive experiences and the price of virtual reality glasses begins to decrease to massify.

In addition, new data from Nielsen indicates that consumers are much more likely to adopt these technologies than initially expected. They studied a sample of 8,000 users between 18 and 54 years old, impacted with video creatives, in order to determine how emerging technologies affect perceptions and behaviors.

The study discovered two segments of age-independent consumers. They were called PaVRs to those who could get the virtual reality devices around next year (24% of the population). While theConVRts they are those consumers interested in technology but not willing to buy the new devices (20%).

«Advertisers will be glad to know that PAVRs are ‘triple-A’ consumers: they adopt new products and services, advocate for brands that love and appreciate premium quality – and are willing to pay a premium price“, in the words ofHarry brisson, director of lab research in Nielsen.

In addition to the segment of the PaVRs or early adopters, the data shows that the ConVRs are equally interested in virtual reality technologies. And the curiosity of the users translates into benefits. Nielsen points out that they could pay up to double for the same product advertised with virtual reality.

Another study by the same insights company revealed that thefirst virtual reality experience It is decisive for users. Nearly 70% of consumers exposed to two technologies said they acquired a greater interest in your purchase, based on a sample of 150 people.