We accelerate your Website to improve the experience of your users and your rankings in Google - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Loading speed of a website is essential to give your visitors a pleasant experience. We tell you the changes that we implement in CWT Advertising, statistical analysis of the improvements that you will perceive and the relationship with the algorithms of the search engines.An unforgettable website should have an important balance between beauty and agility of its load. A quick page, but without nuances or a careful graphic aspect, ends up being monotonous or boring, with the risk of infecting the image of the brand with that aesthetic. On the other hand, having brilliant designs, but slow for the end user, dazzles the work done. In CWT Advertising We are aware of this vital harmony, and that is why, with each new functionality, we take maximum care of the impact of each millisecond.

Speed, a weight factor in algorithms

Since 2010, Google included loading speed as a preponderant factor in its algorithms to define how web pages are positioned in search results. Such is its importance, that in Google Analytics you can track response times within the “Behavior” option

Speed ​​affects both people, and search engine rankings, and no one better than Google expert John Mueller, to explain it this way:

“The faster your site is, the greater the number of people who will stay there, the more things they will do there, and the more they will tend to recommend it to other people.”

Know the changes we have made

The improvements affect Sliders, Parallax effect and Animations, which are the most advanced features available to modern websites.

Thanks to these new changes, we perform a new optimization in the CPU usage times, which, as you can see in the image, allow improvements in the speed of navigation between 300 and 500%!

http://ideatusitio.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/optimizar-velocidad-de-carga-de-sitios-web-768×317.jpg 768w, http://ideatusitio.com/ blog / wp-content / uploads / 2016/11 / optimize-loading-speed-of-websites-1024×422.jpg 1024w ” alt=”web-load-speed-optimizing ” width=” 1200 ” height=” 495 ” />

The benefits you will enjoy with these improvements are:

Anticipate the next Google algorithm changes

Regarding the last point named, we want to highlight that in June of this year, Google expert Gary Illyes, – whose mission in the organization is to promote the creation of sites with better user experience – he anticipated that the algorithms will take into account in his next updates the charging speed in smartphones, for the positioning in the accesses from those devices.

Using Parallax, animations, or Sliders in CWT Advertising, you will therefore be moving forward, creating a spectacular site for your visits, and agile and fast so that search engine robots give you preponderance when indexing it, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile PCs.