[Webinaire] How to better understand Press Relations 3.0? 2020 -

It is to highlight the new issues raised by the new media environment that we have decided at Meltwater to offer you a Free Webinar, next Tuesday, May 5, at 11:30 a.m.. For 45 minutes, we will try to lighten your lantern by showing you how the world of PR has evolved, and how a platform for Media Intelligence can help you stand out…

Above all, it is essential to understand where the media world stands today.

Everything is instant

There was a time when working with a journalist meant that your story would be published a few days later (or more). Today, the chances of your story being published the same day are much greater. Ultimately, be prepared to react quickly.

Everything is going very fast

Everything is online today. It is important to compare the “local” to the “global”. If you think your story has the potential to appeal to a large audience, it is important that you contact an editorial staff. Often a little local story can go viral in seconds.

There are fewer real journalists…

There are 4 PR professionals for 1 journalist, and the editorial budgets are not at best. So there are fewer journalists – who write more. If they specialized more in the past, journalists touch on everything today. Standing out from the crowd becomes even more difficult when they are constantly pitched.

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How to better understand Press Relations? This is it, friends!

… And many more “amateur” journalists

Blogs are a real pillar of the net. Often the most influential bloggers almost play the role of journalists, relaying information without having a press card. Do not neglect them !

Less drastic training

There was a time when journalists were trained to be as objective as possible. This is less the case today (especially since the emergence of bloggers and influencers). A double-edged knife.

An extremely competitive environment

Everyone wants to appear in the press, and everyone pitches. The media environment is extremely competitive today. Therefore, it is important that you can add value to your contact. Share interesting news and you will appear as a resource!

To find out more, we meet on May 5 at 11:30 am during our Free Webinar to conduct more effective PR campaigns!