What are the advantages of a virtual telephone switchboard for SMEs? 2020 -

The advantages for an SME that subscribes to a virtual switchboard service? Improvement and optimization of the management of incoming calls. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of a virtual switchboard for managing corporate calls …

Professional reception service

Whether your company has 10 or 100 workers, offering stakeholders a national geographic number as a contact number will increase the trust of third parties in your company.

Training & Co'm

With a virtual switchboard, you can professionalize your telephone reception using time slots, personalized greetings, phrases, queues … You will never lose a call again because the route the call follows can be very versatile.

For example, received calls will be transferred to available agents. If all your agents are busy, the call can either remain on hold, with music and informational messages for as long as you want; or switch to voicemail to be called back later.

If the call is made outside of the set business hours, the caller can be informed and will have the option of leaving a message.

In the event of a call received on a public holiday, the person may also be informed … Finally, information at any time!

Automatic call transfers

One of the goals of virtual telephone switchboards is to automate the process of receiving calls. This allows the call to go to the right person, at the right time, without intermediaries.

So, using a voice menu, incoming transfers will be automatically sorted and transferred as needed by the caller. The caller to contact customer service will choose the “customer service” option at the start of the call, and will be automatically redirected to that department. If this department is ever occupied, it is possible to place the call on another department.

Efficient dispatch of calls

The configuration of the virtual standard allows the company to occupy the lines optimally, one by one, automatically, until all the agents are busy. Therefore, you can decide how to distribute the calls. You can simultaneously receive as many calls as there are agents present in the company.

Call identification

Calls can be identified according to your needs. You can choose prefixes to identify a call type or customer type. This is very convenient when using the personal laptop to answer business calls, as it makes it very easy to differentiate between business and personal calls.

Call statistics

This is a very nice feature that allows the company to know the volume of calls received for a given period, as well as the variation of calls received over time.

Configuration can be changed at any time

The configuration of a virtual switchboard can be changed at any time because the fact that it is virtual makes the service very flexible. Most suppliers are multi-operator and offer the possibility of adding additional lines at any time. Modifications are normally made free of charge upon request. Some companies allow you to make the changes yourself!

A switchboard will therefore allow you to have permanent control of all your incoming calls, regardless of the number. Choose your virtual switchboard and professionalize your telephone reception!