Whether you are the boss of a multinational company or a young intern, we all have an interest in taking care of our e-reputation if we want to give a boost to our professional life. And that goes without hesitation through LinkedIn, the leading social network for professionals, with 11 million active members in England, and more than 450 million worldwide…

This network is a powerful tool, both for developing your own brand image, creating useful contacts, but also for prospecting and generating leads.

Why take care of your e-reputation on LinkedIn?

Whatever your function, have you already measured your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn? This indicator proposed by the network of professionals gives a good overview of the result of our efforts. It is based on your activity: the content you share, the relationships you have, the people you contact, etc.

Develop your own image

LinkedIn offers many solutions to help you build your brand image, such as LinkedIn Pulse for writing articles directly on the network or LinkedIn Learning, recently arrived in England, which will allow you to develop your skills, and then enrich your profile. .

Beyond your profile, your activity will also determine how you will be perceived. Publish content, write your articles or be active and relevant in groups!

Create useful contacts

Taking care of your image is a first step. Then you need to contact and interact with the right people. Who are you looking to reach? This can be partners, customers, future collaborators, professionals in the same sector, or your own colleagues.

This need to network and meet the right people on LinkedIn is stronger than ever, as evidenced by the success of the Shapr application, which imagines new ways to network using a system similar to that of Tinder.

linkedin ereputation webinar

Unlock new business opportunities

According to Oktopost, more than 80% of the leads generated through social networks come from LinkedIn! A controlled e-reputation will allow you to generate more leads and new business opportunities. Submit interesting publications and your readers will want to know more about you and your expertise.

It’s up to you to take advantage of the many tools and resources offered by LinkedIn!

Your company’s e-reputation: a collective effort

On LinkedIn, a company’s reputation is made through its LinkedIn page, but also through the efforts of its employees and managers. Indeed, the good perception of a society results from a collective effort, which can quickly be tainted by the actions of one.

It is generally the marketing department (sometimes DG, communication, or even HR) to encourage their colleagues to actively maintain their LinkedIn profile. You can, for example, invite your employees to share your content, or invite their contacts to your events!

A webinar to take charge of your e-reputation

André Dan, speaker and founder of the Networking Performance Institute, and Meltwater will meet you this Monday, December 19 at 11:00 am for a free 45-minute web conference. We will show you how to analyze, decide and act for your e-reputation with LinkedIn. Are you ready to become an influencer on LinkedIn in 2017?

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Linkedin e-reputation webinar
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