If you ask a marketing professional which leverage to use for reputation or performance, he will surely be able to advise you on the best way to achieve your targeting and use the appropriate optimization means …

In addition, advertising is often thought of only as a tool and a lever, but not at all as content. It is true that the channels used, as well as the targeting and automation tools that can result from them, are very important for planning and orienting one’s strategy. However, there is one frequent flaw: the lack of linked content and the high bounce rate seen on a large number of online advertising campaigns.

The result is reflected both in terms of ROI, but also and above all in terms of the legitimacy of your brand. You did not know how to guide and guide the user with the content he expected so much that the classic landing page, form and visuals, nothing more, is out of date. We are now looking for a landing page that reassures and documents as much as possible. If the content can be imagined without advertising, advertising can hardly succeed without well thought out and linked content, and A / B tested.

Valuable content or simple advertising?

Content marketing uses all kinds of publications, from text to video to images. Everything that can be read or visualized is content.

Faced with the contempt that Internet users display for the presentation of advertising banners and their way of ignoring most of the emails that flood their mailbox, marketing had no other solution than to finally make efforts to deliver more valuable content and less direct advertising.

Well written and interesting, a blog post, with an allusion or a reference to a brand or a product, will never be considered as an advertisement … And yet, it is often very much one!

Thus appear original, informative and interesting content, surprising and fun, sometimes shocking. These contents are produced by the editors, taken up in curation by marketing and shared on all platforms that can support and distribute them.

The nuance between a traditional advertising campaign and a content marketing campaign lies in the quality of the content which is more personalized, relevant, qualitative and informative.

What use of content marketing?

The stakes are high since it involves retaining visitors for as long as possible on the site they are visiting, encouraging them to respond to the requests offered and convincing them to come back regularly to find new products. The objective is all the more important since it must translate into turnover somewhere in the distribution circuit.

Marketers quickly understood the importance of capitalizing on the heart of their audience by providing them with something to distract themselves from, learn about and smile.

Thus, storytelling is intended to be the foundation on which the dissemination of content will be organized. Telling a story and dragging subliminal messages into it to make it viral is the Grail of content marketing.

Well written, with images and a video capturing all the attention of the visitor, storytelling will achieve the desired goal, namely to get the right message at the right time and generate business without appearing to be.

Differentiate content marketing from traditional advertising campaigns

That’s the difference between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

For the first, these are classic advertising recruitment campaigns, whose mission is to go after the customer by imposing on them advertisements which are often not solicited.

For the second, with content marketing campaigns, it is more the customer who comes and returns looking for something to quench his thirst for information. It therefore makes it possible to broadcast an advertising message while avoiding conventional formats.

Readers, more and more hermetic to traditional advertising campaigns, use banner blocking software, more than 10% of French people already use Adblock according to some sites. Saturated mailboxes, ad-polluted web pages and pop-ups have ended up disgusting internet users who are no longer receptive to messages.

Content marketing is more advantageous than conventional advertising because it promotes traffic to a website and improves its SEO. He sets up real personalized and interactive communication with the client, manages to recruit and retain prospects.

Content marketing is as effective for sales as it is for brand awareness

On the other hand, content marketing succeeds in overcoming the lack of interest in advertising by standing out with more attractive content.

Brands that have understood this are starting to transform themselves into media and use content to promote their products and dialogue with their future customers by giving them a voice.

The challenge of marketing in the years to come lies in the ability of brands to converse with their prospects and make them their ambassadors. The battle of influence marketing inexorably goes through content with the aim of being in the middle of conversations.

Marketing can be divided between two concepts:

  • Acquiring notoriety with advertising;
  • Acquisition of demand with content marketing.

But these two concepts will still coexist for a long time, because the choice of brand marketing must be made above all towards increasing the ROI without neglecting the enhancement of its notoriety, the increase of which can also go through the notoriety of its content.

If you want to deepen this subject by working on Content Marketing and advertising, I invite you to download the white paper on essentials of modern marketing, as well as our guide to marketing directors.