What color to choose according to your type of venture? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

At the time of carrying out the Web design Endless questions can arise for your business that without proper planning could overwhelm you, since, although it is not a simple task, with the right organization it can be very pleasant.The choice of colors in Web design It is a fundamental part of the plan, and there are certain factors to consider so that you can capture the right audience and thus achieve good communication of the product or service from your website.

Users usually relate the colors to sensations that already lived previously, either by cultural learning or own experience. In order to take advantage of this information, it is necessary to set the objectives that the website must meet, using the color palette as a tool to attract that audience.

The color combination and web design

Usually, a resource economy which also applies to colors: that is, do not use more than two or three tones that coexist and of which one is the predominant.

As for the ranges to choose, it is ideal that the combinations are between colors of the same color gamut in different shades, or with complementary colors, or opposites so that there is a contrast and stabilize the visual weights in the place.

The color and psychology

One of the most effective ways to communicate sensations it’s through the colors. Our brain receives stimuli according to the colors that are captured by the retina, and based on that information received we feel calm, nervous, confident, insecure, passionate, mysterious. This is why the call exists color psychology, which indicates that each tone can transmit one or several sensations depending on the socio-cultural context and the experiences of each individual.

But how do the sensations that generate colors work in web design? As an example, in the West, the white color symbolizes purity, calmness, goodness, light, innocence; in the East, on the other hand, it symbolizes mourning. However, if we combine the same white with black when designing a site, the fusion between both colors would generate a new value of elegance and sophistication, and in this way we would be making a “visual call” to an audience with those characteristics .

Chromatic sensations in web design

Black: Transmits elegance, exclusivity, power, comfort. Most of those who choose this color value work with luxury, fashion or cosmetic products. It is very difficult to use, since it is necessary to choose a color that can give you the contrast you need, without removing the connotation of elegance, such as white or gray ranges.

White: Transmits purity, calm, light, innocence, transparency, elegance. Like black it is a difficult value to use, because if it is not combined with the right ranges it can be boring or empty. It is an ideal color for products linked to technology, science and health. It can be optimal as a background color, since it allows exceptional readability.

Oranges and yellows: They transmit energy, joy, change, youth. They are extremely saturated colors that can be ideal to highlight parts of the site by which to guide the reading order, or to give some details on the menu or on call to action, since the abuse of these colors can obfuscate the user.

Orange combines well with greens, earth tones that generate good contrast, and with other oranges in pastel ranges. Yellow also combines with other pastel yellows, with oranges, reds, and violets, because its application is mostly linked to attention calls and sites linked to entertainment.

Red: Opposite feelings. On the one hand, it conveys positive feelings, such as love, passion, sexuality. On the other, danger, blood, aggressiveness. Due to what it generates and its intense visual weight within the composition, it is a difficult color to combine. However, that force can be used as a wake-up call in those buttons or places of the site where we want the user to repair or stop. This action combined with colors that neutralize it as white or gray can be a very good option.

Roses and violets: Pink transmits femininity, childhood, sweetness.

Violets in light tones, femininity, calm, delicacy. In dark tones, sophistication, power, sensuality.

They are difficult to combine colors, so a viable option would be to combine with other violet or pastel pink tones; also with light and gray colors. It is a range widely used in cosmetic and feminine beauty products sites.

blue: Although it is a cold color, it conveys feelings of calm, tranquility and seriousness. It allows many combinations with different colors. It is used on pages related to professional profiles, health and technology.

Green: Transmits nature, sustainability, hope and generosity.

It is used par excellence in environmental products or organizations, medicine, and tourism. For implementation on a website, it works well in combination with blues, yellows and earth tones.

Gray: It generates a feeling of formality, elegance and sophistication. It is a neutral color that can be used in combination with most existing colors, but with a color that does not contrast it, it could become inefficient and boring.

Brown: The color earth denotes nature and warmth. Combines with many striking colors, such as oranges, greens, or yellows. It is widely used in the food industry.

The choice of a suitable palette is important to guide users to navigate the site, as long as we keep in mind that there should be Balance between the colors and elements chosen, so that the reader does not get bored and your page is a success.