What digital strategies are used in the sports betting sector? -

The world of sports betting has evolved with the times and implemented extremely developed digital marketing techniques. With Sports Betting America online, betters are now able to place these bets through websites, along with various bonuses that add to their experience. Inbound marketing, bonuses, ambassadors, this industry does not deny itself anything. Here are the best marketing strategies employed in the sports betting market …

The ambassadors

Who has not seen Patrick Bruel during a poker tournament with the name of the group with which he is associated on his T-shirt or his cap? The fact of using known personalities makes it possible to make people who follow the news of this person want to play, but also to make the world of Bet or sports betting known a little more. So, seeing someone you are a fan of playing poker will make you interested in the field and maybe even the group they represent …

YouTube channels

They are no longer reserved for singers or make-up tutorials. YouTube and Vimeo channels are developing more and more in the sports betting sector. Whether they are led by a team that will give its opinion on the best bets to be made during the week, or whether they are used to broadcast advertorials on a particular theme, these means of communication make it possible to reach a much younger audience and thus introduce it gently to the world of gambling.


As with a lot of online businesses, bonuses are a great strategy for promoting a site. As the bonus offered at registration allows the target person to try for free, it will act as a trigger to lift the first brake that affects all people who have never bet online, namely the fear of the scam.

Then follow the bonuses of the birthday, event and other type, to revive the target person and thus get them used to playing regularly for free, which will allow the sports betting company to convert a considerable number.


Although the Internet makes it possible to reach the youngest, television remains a medium of choice for this industry, since it will help to build trust with an older audience. Reassuringly, a television advertisement can radically increase its credibility and thus convert more easily when a person comes across an advertisement via social networks, for example.


Being able to bet on a website is good, but being able to bet from your smartphone is better! This industry has understood this well and offers dedicated applications to allow the most fervent players to bet by a simple press on their mobile. Simple to use and with well thought out ergonomics, this type of application eliminates all barriers.

To conclude

The sports betting industry could be an example for aspiring marketers looking for development ideas. Present on all media without exception, this industry has managed to take the best of traditional marketing to combine it with the best digital strategies.

Article written in collaboration with 7figures