“Hello what, don’t you have a blog?” “. If you have a business and a website, you should keep a blog. Okay, but why? Between those who promise you mountains and wonders on the almost magical virtues of it and those who swear by traditional marketing, here are three realistic results that you can expect by investing in a blog …

97% more links and therefore better visibility on Google

The primary interest of a well-fed blog is to increase awareness of the company’s site by getting more links pointing to it. Each link is perceived by Google as a recommendation, a determining factor in Google’s ranking to determine the visibility it gives to each site on its search engine.

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Unless you have the energy or the cash to run an appropriate netlinking campaign, the best way to get links is to post useful and interesting content noticed by other sites. Companies that develop a blog receive 97% more links than those that don’t.

The more relevant you are in your field, the more authoritative you will become a shared reference. This is how you can get the links you want.

Cheaper and more numerous prospects

Not only is your notoriety built and asserted over your publications, but you also benefit from prospects who cost 61% less thanks to your inbound marketing efforts.

All of this becomes even more interesting when you consider that all of this content that you have created has a long lifespan, sometimes even several years depending on the subjects covered. Consequence: the value of your blog is built over time and you get more and more leads.

New acquisition channels open to you

Are you currently using social media and email marketing? If so, are you really using them to their full potential?

The answer is probably no for companies that don’t have a blog. The reason is simple: it is difficult to use these acquisition channels without having useful and interesting content to share with your target customers.

This is where you have to be smart. If you have not already done so, offer your readers to subscribe to a newsletter to notify them of your new articles and send them marketing emails to notify them of your promotions and other events.

Synchronize your blog with a Facebook page or a Tweeter account which allows you to create a synergy between your site and social networks. The available settings tell you about your customers and allow you to use the data retrieved optimally for your business. Analyzes that would be impossible to conduct as easily in the context of traditional marketing.

So, blog or not blog? Considering the benefits that you will gain from inbound marketing, it would be a shame not to take the pen and to develop a solid editorial strategy.

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