Having a site to present your business or sell your products online is now a must if you want to meet your prospects and retain your customers. Yet even today, 1/3 of VSEs and SMEs in England do not have a website… a worrying finding when you know that in 2018, 80% of Internet users inquire online before buying a product or service!

What type of website?

The purpose of a showcase site is to promote your image and develop your notoriety. By presenting your activity, your history, your strengths … clearly, you will work on your brand identity. Defining and following a real web marketing strategy is vital for “hooking” prospects and customers.

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If you are not present online or you are, but without having a strategy that works, then you expose yourself to several risks. Indeed, your competitors will not hesitate to take your place, synonymous with loss of market for you. Your image and reputation may also suffer. A website, preferably with a quality design, should translate the personality of the place or project (history, news, testimonies…), report activity (products, services) and, of course, include all information necessary to make contact.

The purpose of a merchant site is toincrease your turnover through your online sales. An e-commerce site represents a new distribution channel and thus offers more sales opportunities.

Customers will no longer have to travel to a physical space such as a store to be able to purchase your product. You can thus sell to Internet users located all over the world! An Internet connection is enough to order the product of your dreams and have it delivered to your home. This is a huge time and resource saver.

What are the benefits of having a professional website?

How to make a site?

  • Choose a domain name

Having a domain name (eg: www.your-company.fr) that is unique to you gives you credibility. Indeed, a website address composed of a free creation platform name does not allow you to stand out, but above all it becomes difficult to convince of your professionalism. The choice of the domain name should not be done lightly ! It is an integral part of your corporate identity by allowing your customers or prospects to immediately identify your brand.

Choose a short and punchy name, easy to understand and ideally incorporating a keyword related to your activity. This will only be beneficial for your natural referencing (SEO). This will make it easier for your prospects to see you. Minimize dashes and numbers that are not appreciated by search engines like Google.

The purchase of a domain name is made with a commitment of one year renewable each year. You can only order it if it is available. To check it, you can go to the registrar websites like OVH for example. The site will tell you which extensions are free (.com, .fr, .net…) for the selected domain. Once the domain name has been ordered, you will need to subscribe to an annual hosting plan so that your website is available online and available 24/7.

Knowledge technical, marketing, commercial and creative, the design of a site goes through very specific rules. From web design to SEO, including domain name and hosting, the creation of a website is not done randomly and not at any price either. Creating a website is a investment !

If you are not comfortable with development or simply do not have the necessary skills, turn to web professionals. Avoid giving in to the temptations of free or very low-cost solutions for professional use. You risk having unpleasant surprises which can have serious consequences: site that does not belong to you, site difficult to optimize for natural referencing (SEO), subscriptions that are not profitable in the long term, limitations in scalability …

To assist you in the creation of your website, you can turn to web agencies or freelancers depending on the size of the project. If you want to go freelance, I invite you to read this top 5 reasons to choose a freelancer for your web project.


Creating a website is a fundamental step for launching and developing your business. Do not neglect it … even if, as a freelance or small structure, time very often runs out. So don’t hesitate to delegate!

But beware, creating a site is only one step in your development. You must have a 360 ° vision and also operate other web marketing levers to boost your activity : online advertising, social networks, emailing … On this subject, do not hesitate to download the free ebook: “How to optimize your online presence to develop your business?”