Personalized service is more present in our lives than we can imagine and is part of our day-to-day lives, often being a choice of our own subconscious when making a purchase. Do not believe?

Well, here are some examples: how many times did you fail to purchase a product or service because you felt that the company did not give you the attention that you thought was necessary?

Or worse, how many times have you stopped shopping with a brand because your experience with it was not quite what you expected?

See, before you even put yourself back in situations that can, in some way, cause dissatisfaction, your subconscious already guides you to look for options or make decisions that are aimed at making you more successful in a purchase or at least, don’t have headaches in the future.

In case you are making a first purchase, it is also easy to know if it will be a pleasant and safe purchase, after all, the service ends up being the business card of a company, and if at first you have not had a good experience, probably the chances of you doing business are less.

But, you must be asking yourself “And what does this have to do with personalized service? ”. That’s what we’re going to tell you in this post, come on?

What is personalized service?

We can say that personalized service means a set of procedures that the company develops to exceed customers’ expectations, ensuring that they are well attended and that their needs are always met.

Thus, it is worth understanding that personalizing is attributing characteristics, making something personal. That is, when we think about this in the service, we need to discard that standard approach script, because each client has a way of speaking and a level of knowledge to be worked on.

For example, if a potential customer already has knowledge about your product or service, it is worth using a more technical and objective language, but otherwise, it would be necessary to use a more didactic and detailed treatment, right ?!

Well, it is important to ensure that within the personalized service this personification occurs and, even more, that the attendant or salesperson puts himself in the customer’s place to offer more than he expects.

Above all, personalized service can be worked on different platforms, as we will talk about later, and its goal is to provide a unique customer experience.

The importance of a good service experience

Providing a unique customer experience is essential for a company for several reasons, such as: retaining and winning new customers, adding value to the company, standing out in the market and, of course, achieving growth.

It is as important as what you offer, because only through a good service experience will customers have a real interest and desire for your product or service.

After all, as we mentioned, the service can often act as a business card for the company and we know that the first impression is what remains, in service this is no different.

The first impression that the potential customer will have about your business, may determine your purchase decision.

According to data from a search conducted by Zendesk, 39% of consumers who have had a negative experience with a company, do not return to do business with it. On the other hand, 51% say that after a positive experience, they recommend the company to their friends.

Therefore, the consumer’s decision will not always be based solely on what is offered, price or quality.

It can take into account whether the company has personalized service that guarantees your expectations and that, above all, exceeds your needs.

However, it is worth understanding, planning and developing strategies to implement personalized service focused on the customer experience.

How to offer personalized service focused on the customer experience

Now that you understand what it is personalized service and as it is important to provide a good customer service experience, you can implement optimizations in your communication channels to ensure a unique experience. Below we have selected 4 strategies to get you started.

1 – Humanized Service

Although service technology has gained momentum in recent years, with online self-service via chatbots and process automation, it is also important to maintain and show the human side of the brand.

Because, according to a survey conducted by Microsoft, the State of Global Customer Service, 33% of Englandians prefer to be answered by phone and other voice channels, followed by 21% who prefer to be answered via Live Chat.

These two service channels, in addition to providing a more direct and personal contact with the company, guarantee more complete interactions and make it possible to transmit a feeling of trust.

Therefore, companies that develop relationships and treat the customer in a humanized and targeted manner, add value to their experience.

2 – Outsourcing personalized service

Although humanized service is a great strategy to add value to the customer experience and to maintain a positive image of the company, we know that micro, small and medium businesses often do not have a dedicated team for this service, mainly due to high services that it is necessary to invest in hiring human resources, infrastructure, equipment and technology.

In this sense, a financially viable solution to guarantee personalized service is outsourcing the service.

THE telephone service outsourcing, for example, has become more and more common, mainly due to the advantages it brings with it, such as the guarantee of human service, savings, process optimization and also increased productivity of teams compared to the internalization of this service.

One way to outsource telephone assistance is through Virtual Desks, a human service team, available 24 hours a day to serve on behalf of the company and guarantee professionalism and personalized service. Find out more through Visual Guide: 10 tips for selling more through virtual secretaries.

3 – Diversify the service channels

Provide different service channels it’s also about working with the customer experience.

Currently, consumers are constantly connected and do not see a division between the service channels, quite the contrary, they expect companies to collect their information and provide unique experiences.

According to a survey conducted by Aberdeen Group, companies that consistently serve in different channels retain 89% of consumers, compared to 33% that do not maintain this strategy.

Therefore, it is essential that your company, in addition to being present and available to serve customers in various channels, disseminates them. After all, they need to know and see your company operating in these media effectively.

Last and not least, always maintain humanization even in service channels other than the telephone.

Show the customer that he is interacting with a person and not just a bot. As much as the robots automate the service, maintaining the human touch within the interactions can provide a differentiated experience to the customer.

4 – Customer data history

Certainly, to guarantee personalized service, it is necessary to have a database of customers.

In addition to collaborating with the productivity and more assertiveness of those who come into contact with the customer (or potential), whether the pre-sale, sales or customer success team, the information history when well updated helps in the customer experience, since he will not have to re-enter his data since he is well known to his team.

In addition to being a way to centralize all data, your team will have full knowledge about the purchase journey, which products or services the customer has already purchased, how and where each interaction occurred and mainly identify what is the behavior and purchase profile of each customer.

Now the big question is: where and how can you centralize this information?

The best tool to assist you in this management is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management = Customer Relationship Management), through it it is possible to store all sales, marketing and service information and more, it is possible to optimize processes that would have been manual and still boost the increase in customer satisfaction.

5 – Offer exclusives

Another way to personalize service and provide a unique experience is through exclusives tailored to each client.

Therefore, offer special discounts or purchase advantages, either within the closing of the deal or to attract the potential customer during the service.

In addition, try to send personalized gifts or news first hand to add more value to the customer experience and still stand out your company among the competition.

At this point, it is worth using creativity to make your product or service unique and impactful. Always seek to surprise and overcome what the customer expects from your company.

Finally, now that you know the importance of personalized service and how it is essential to impact the customer through experience, start now to establish strategies or even to review how your company has acted in the service.

We hope that with these tips, your business will get new results. Plus, if you want to know even more about tools and strategies to optimize your service, download the Kit: Personalized Service. A complete and free material to help your company with new solutions.

* This guest post written by the team Prestus – Shared Desks, a pioneer in shared virtual answering services, focused on receptive answering and active calls. try it be served on behalf of your company.