What is it and why does it serve entrepreneurs? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Surely you’ve heard a thousand times about Cloud computing, but maybe you are not sure what it is, what it means, what it is used for and what its advantages are. All this and more we tell you in a simple way in this article.

Many also call cloud computing how “Cloud services”, “concept cloud” or “cloud computing. The term refers to a purely technological idea, which has life on and thanks to the Internet.

Basically, cloud computing is permanently store information on the Internet. This allows communication between computers or computers, the provision of services, the use of applications, among other benefits. And everything happens virtually. We are already talking about technology and it is because it is just that: technology that offers services thanks to that great platform that is the Internet.

All information stored in the cloud can be available as long as you have an internet connection from any computer (PC, Tablet, laptop) and even from your smartphone. (Here yes, it is not bad to say that you have your head in the clouds).

How did Cloud Computing start?

They were large companies providing Internet service, such as Amazon Y Google, who began to develop this concept. At first it was known as ‘’ information factories ’, that is, hardware and software to the extent that it allowed, and still allows, multiple uses: services, applications, storage, mail, backup, hosting …

The user of cloud services looks for a infrastructure that gives you the necessary storage space or extra processing capacity on your own servers, that is, a kind of virtual hard disk that has unlimited capacity. The only limit in these cases is usually the budget that is available to hire the hardware service in the cloud, since the space available online tends to have no barriers.

Also, cloud computing as software allows the user to build and develop applications with tools that you don’t necessarily have to buy or install on your own computer. This implies significant savings because he does not need to acquire expensive licenses to carry out what he has in mind. And this is ideal for entrepreneursOf course!

Specifically, what are the characteristics of cloud computing?

The main features are the following:

  1. Custom applications. The user always decides which applications to use, which ones are adapted to their needs, which are more convenient for them, without being paid or free, and in case they are paid, which one best suits their budget, etc.
  2. Multiple users. The “multi-user” is possible and all thanks to the fact that cloud computing can be used by several users who have different types of access and different resource allocations. For example, as a service provider, there may be many users who are using the same tool at the same time.
  3. Rapid implementation. All applications hosted in the cloud can be quickly implemented and adapted.
  4. Easy access. Users can have quick and easy access to cloud applications from any mobile or fixed device.
  5. Security. The data does not circulate freely, that is, they are not loose, uncontrolled, wandering in the cloud; they are in data centers (Datacenters), which are nothing more than companies that protect them, with all possible security measures and data integrity. And this even hardware and software, obviously.

Cloud computing for entrepreneurs: you will protect your idea.

However, If you are an entrepreneur, what are the advantages of cloud computing for you? There are many and then we tell you.

However, keep in mind that before entering fully into the cloud, you have to be clear about how to get the most out of those providers that offer certain free tools during a certain time, as a test, to see if they are useful or not according to what you are looking to implement in your business.

Approximately, 46% of companies in Latin America use cloud computing because it is the best option to test your projects with a moderate capital investment and even with a cost equal to zero in many cases.

After testing and testing the free applications or services that best suit your business, you can then move forward, knowing the volume and size of your project. Most cloud computing providers offer different payment plans, the most frequent being subscription payment and unrestricted payment of volume (or payment for use, as it is also known).

As an entrepreneur, you have to take into account the extent to which each of the aforementioned modalities is useful, easy and convenient. This will depend on the type of structure of your SME, number of users, short, medium and long term scope of the project, etc. No matter the size of your venture: you can test how functional the cloud computing service is without risk.

It is important that you can use cloud computing as a new business model. Already know what you want. Now you just have to use the tools at your disposal to differentiate yourself from your potential competitors and start making noise in the market where you want to insert yourself.

And last but not least: another advantage is that you are in equal conditions to compete with large companies, since cloud computing makes resources easily available, free in many cases, and you have specialized provider services, with extensive experience, that can be adapted to the specific needs of your enterprise.