What is SMO, Social Media Optimization? See the benefits! 2020 -

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. This is a strategy aimed at increasing and consolidating the presence of a brand or even a personal profile. Optimizing and maximizing the impact of social networks is possible as long as some rules are respected.

What company does not want to have a high engagement on its social networks and become a brand dear to its audience?

Many are the ones who create content, it has become almost an obligation to post and post on social networks.

In fact, much is produced. Without talking about quality, the volume is really big. So, because of that, you need to stand out in the midst of so much, right?

SMO techniques mainly help companies to position themselves more intelligently on networks.

Because when that happens, people certainly see the relevance of what you produce.

Of course, quality will always count – and you should never stop producing good content.

However, some strategies are necessary and, in this article, we will talk more about them.

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What is SMO, Social Media Optimization?

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO or Social Media Optimization means a set of activities carried out on social media via the web.

They have a specific objective of attracting visitors to the website / blog and placing profiles of people in search engines.

The creator of the term Social Media Optimization, Rohit Barghava, explained in his blog, back in 2006, the origin of the concept.

More than that, he cited the five main rules that define an appropriate marketing strategy for social networks.

For Rohit, SMO are a set of actions that aim to generate changes that optimize a website.

The aim is to make it more attractive and generate more incoming links, making it even more visible on social networks and attracting a greater number of people, to have more visibility on social networks and also to attract references from blogs, podcasts, etc.

5 Rohit rules for SMO

1 – Increase the amount of content with links on your website, blog posts, documents and videos. To do this, create content that contains information relevant to your target audience;

2- Allow users to easily enjoy and share the content published on the website on social networks. That is, add buttons to share on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc;

3 – Check frequently who directed links to your page and return by linking back (when possible) is good practice. This is important, according to Rohit, to favor the growth of incoming links;

4 – Viralize your content on the internet. If your blog has quality content, share it through your Twitter profile, Facebook page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile. Afimal. you want it to reach as many people as possible;

5 – Encourage the use of your content as a reference. Allow the use of your content so that others can use it and generate links to your site.

The benefits of applying SMO to companies

Benefits of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

There is no longer a way to separate search engine optimization from social network optimization, SMO.

Both strategies go together. And it’s good that you have that clear right away to understand how to impact your marketing strategies.

So, because of that, one of the main pillars for applying SMO techniques is the approach that you will give to SEO in your business.

The sooner you integrate the practices, the faster you will begin to reap the results.

If we think about YouTube, for example. In addition to being a social network where videos are posted and shared, it is the second largest search engine in the world.

So adding a smart SEO strategy to your video description, cover thumbnail and tags will make you grow.

Both in relevance within the platform itself, as in searches on Google.

Therefore, the balance between SEO and SMO guarantees the assertiveness of your digital marketing actions.

But, we can go further and talk about some more benefits that this brings to your company.

Check out:

Content alignment

Those who have been working with content marketing for the longest time know the difficulty that it is often to find an “editorial line”.

Identify a writing pattern, customer service and also approach at different times.

One of the benefits of SMO, then, is precisely this: an alignment of the content.

That’s because, when you apply some techniques and start to reap the results, you will automatically have some defined patterns.

From which emoji to choose to the design of your page, everything will revolve around SMO.

Of course, always respecting important elements, such as the company’s mission, vision and values.

It is also important to guide the branding work, something that constantly needs to be updated.

By aligning what you publish on social media with your blog content, you make the way you communicate with your business persona much more efficient.

Reduced social media marketing costs

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Within an efficient marketing management, there must always be a budget that includes strategies to attract customers and, of course: lead generation.

Social networks have a prominent role at this moment and Facebook Ads Leads, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter ad platforms are attractive.

All of them are paid for, of course, but depending on what you offer they can make a lot of sense to be used.

You will, however, be able to reach people only through demographics and one that is similar in interest.

However, this is no guarantee that impacted people will be interested in you.

If the goal is reached and another engagement occurs, it will in no way mean a material return.

You went after people. Not them from you. When the opposite occurs, when the search is organic, it is much easier to impact people in the right way.

Inbound marketing does this with content on blogs and landing pages – and SMO fulfills that role on the social network.

Create cool content, with the words that make sense, and in a format that will interest the people you target.

If it’s really relevant, people will come to you. It will be such a good content that the dissemination will basically be autonomous.

And then, that money you put in Ads, for example, can be used in other ways.

Greater audience interaction and recognition

Rare are the segments that do not need to constantly relate to their consuming public. And, well, if you are reading this article it is because you are no exception.

And which tool is more assertive to have a close customer relationship than social networks?

Simple actions make the difference, from Instagram posts that encourage comments or likes, to jokes and memes you embark on.

SMO helps you have a wider reach and, consequently, likes, shares and comments.

Which, of course, increases your chances of interaction, allowing you to create a loyal audience of true brand advocates.

4 techniques to optimize SMO for your brand

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

There is an old saying that says, “A satisfied customer will tell others about his experience, but a dissatisfied customer will destroy your company with his experience.”

Whether this experience is good or bad, this new form of marketing is very powerful and has a wide impact.

SMO gives you the power to actively manage your brand, in addition to providing greater interaction with your current and potential customers through the analysis of your products, comments, concerns, and suggestions and the continuous promotion of your brand.

SMO is effective when used positively, that is, when there is the creation of legitimate content, building relationships and generating influence in your community.

Therefore, we separated 4 techniques for you to apply and enhance your brand on social networks.

1 – Find time and frequency to post

Knowing the time and days that your audience is bigger is a decisive point for your SMO strategies to have an effect.

However, you won’t know if you don’t test. “Trial and error”. Have you heard that expression?

Go testing formats, time and days. Start looking for balance to know when your content is most successful.

Take a test at the same time for at least a week. Keep a close eye on relevant metrics – not just vanity metrics.

Then change the schedule and go on for a week. Keep looking at the important indicators.

Then consider reducing the frequency to understand your users’ behavior: do they want more content or are you “polluting” the timeline too much?

You will only know which day and time is most effective if you have it all noted down.

Discard what is not good, keep what you think might work up your sleeve, and of course: focus on what has already brought some kind of result.

2 – Make content that is shareable and accessible to everyone

Sharing is one of the main ways to make your content and brand relevant.

Focusing on creating a viral is therefore undoubtedly something to be pursued.

Of course, you shouldn’t push the bar. Not to stack hashtags just to try to appear in more possible searches.

Yes, use them, but the ones that make sense. And, from there, create something that is relevant.

Using humor is always a great way out. “Embarking” on some trendy meme, even more if it has to do with your business, makes perfect sense.

Encourage interaction with people. Use a lot of visual elements: images, videos and GIFs are always great ideas.

This will increase engagement with the post. Know the terrain you can and cannot step on. After all, you’re focusing on content for your audience, right?

Know what he likes and dislikes, habits, values, ideologies. The first step in getting it right and being relevant is not to make a mistake in your approach.

3 – Know how to reuse what you’ve already created and posted

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

There is no problem reusing content that you have already created and shared on social media.

If it’s really good and, even better, it fits the current context, go out there and rescue it.

Especially because, if you post every day on your social networks, we agree: it is practically impossible to create excellent posts every day that engage people.

If you create something complementary to that rich text, video or material you’ve already made, even better.

And again: with a hint of good humor, everything is better.

4 – Integrate marketing and put technology in your company

Knowing your audience, the best days and times to post, is much easier when you have technology as a locomotive.

Tools like SEMRush, for example, integrated with your social networks, help you intelligently and identify that.

Marketing automation platforms help you to post quickly and also manage comments, shares, etc.

And, of course: if you are going to use customer acquisition strategies that are more assertive, use a sales system to manage the leads generated.

So, in addition to impacting people and increasing the relevance of your brand, you take advantage of the right timming to turn that credibility into sales.

So, how can we help you?

If you were unsure about how marketing helps you, on social media, to attract more customers, talk to a consultant today.

Enjoy and read two articles that will show you ways to impact and delight your potential customers.

The first speaks of the importance of having excellence in customer service at all times.

The second, on the other hand, comments on how relationship marketing continues to be an efficient way to attract people interested in your brand.

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