Twitter Blue, do you know? After testing Twitter Business, professional profiles for brands, Twitter launched its first subscription offer. This new solution thus gives access to exclusive features and advantages!

New exclusive features

Twitter Blue is a solution that will give people who use Twitter the most what they are looking for with access to several new features:

  • Tweet cancellation: If you tend to make small mistakes or forget to add something to your Tweet, you can preview and correct it before it goes live. Twitter Blue offers a customizable timer of up to 30 seconds that allows you to click “Cancel” before sending Tweet;
  • Content management with bookmark folders: this feature allows you to manage your content saved on Twitter to organize saved Tweets;
  • Reader mode: Reader mode gives you a better reading experience by removing “noise”. Twitter makes it easier to keep track of long threads by turning them into “easy-to-read text,” which increases engagement in conversations.

Better Twitter Experience

In addition to these features, subscribers also have access to several benefits:

  • Access to customer support dedicated to subscriptions.
  • Themes that change the colors of the Twitter application;
  • Customizable application icons for your home screen;

For now, Twitter Blue is only available in Australia and Canada for $ 3. 49 CAD or $ 4. AUD 49 per month. But despite the paid nature of Twitter Blue, Twitter itself will remain free to use.