What you can learn from the 10 best selling consumer brands in the world - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Certain brands have managed to create brand images of a global nature in recent times and have managed to connect with consumers in a much broader, more ambitious way.

The world market is increasingly globalized. The brands that succeed in one country may be the same as those that succeed in the country next door and the relationships between products and consumers are becoming less local and less specific. Each time, brands are seeing how their conquest of consumers has to be more and more ambitious and has to reach more and more scenarios in more markets. Brands have to be able to create a presence that is attractive in a global way, without forgetting local consumers.

This is what you can learn, as a general conclusion, by looking at the list of the 10 best-selling brands worldwide in consumer products. Kantar Worldpanel has just published its Brand Footprint, the list of best-selling brands worldwide, in which part of how many homes worldwide are buying a specific brand to establish what interests consumers throughout the world. Their conclusions allow us to better understand how tastes are increasingly a sort of general and generalist element, although there are also local issues in what consumption entails.

From the results of the study and analyzing which are the brands that have been cast in the top ten of the best-selling brands (the list of the ten best-selling brands has just been published Business Insider) certain conclusions can be drawn.

The big names remain

Certain brands have managed to create brand images of a global nature in recent times and have managed to connect with consumers in a much broader, more ambitious way. So to speak, there are brands that have made their name known throughout the world and that there is no corner of the planet where they are not present, as is the case of Coca-Cola. This massive conquest of the world has assured them of its presence as the most recognized and most bought brands and there is nothing more to see the list of the 10 most popular brands in the world, the ones that more consumers buy, to see it.

What are the 10 brands with more pull in the global consumer products market?

The list is headed by Coca-Cola, but after it other brands with global popularity are positioned. Colgate, Lifebuoy, Maggi, Lays, Pepsi, Nescafé, Indomie, Knorr and Dove are the brands that complete the list.

The power of emerging markets

The big brands, or the brands that aspire to be, have to have more and more control of the emerging markets and, above all, of their presence in them and the role they play in them. Consumers in these markets have more and more power when deciding who triumphs in the global consumer market.

Thus, the weight of these markets is brutal in terms of the growth of consumer brands. Of the total market growth in the last year analyzed, 82% corresponded to emerging markets. But not only this data is relevant: seeing the top ten also shows that emerging markets have much to say. It has cast brands with limited reach to those markets. The number 8 is Indomie, an Asian brand of instant noodles that is a market leader in Indonesia and has launched into the conquest of Asia. The 3 is Lifebuoy, a Unilever brand that has managed to position itself thanks to actions in markets such as the UAE or Indonesia or in China.

Being an innovative brand also has a lot of value

The brand that closes the top ten is Dove, the beauty brand of Unilever that has become viral and very recognized worldwide thanks to its advertising campaigns that are based, or at least that is its motto, in « the real beauty ». Its weight in the market is increasing and its presence in this type of listings begins to be recurrent. In one year, he added, according to the study data, 31 million more households and in Latin America it is one of the five fastest growing brands.