WhatsApp for business will charge you for the use only if ... - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

WhatsApp for business is one of the topics that entrepreneurs are most passionate about. It is the tool they use every day to communicate with customers and prospects, and even more so since the business version exists.

In these last days, the version that will no longer be free has circulated. As we all imagine, sooner or later Facebook will abandon the gratuity of the tool, which increasingly incorporates more really useful functions, beyond the rudimentary first version.

In this case, as reported by the prestigious techrunch.com portal, WhatsApp will charge per message sent, but only if it takes more than 24 hours to respond!

The business model is really strange and innovative, although it sounds more like a marketing strategy, than with a real monetization purpose. Once implemented, WhatsApp for business users will be encouraged by an economic issue in speeding up response times, to avoid penalties.

That is, they are likely to prioritize WhatsApp even more than other communication methods.

How many WhatsApp do you accumulate pending?

On a daily basis, we observe two types of extremes in people who use the application. There are those who can’t stand having an earring reading, and on the other hand those who are fully saturated, and accumulate dozens of audios without listening.

We recommend the note that we recently published, about procrastination and the problems in time management for entrepreneurs here

Is there a growing tendency to delay responses?

It’s possible! If you have 10 people who send you 3 audios per day, and each of them on average for 2 minutes, you will find yourself in the situation that you spend 1 hour of your day listening to audios, limiting or stopping other activities, without counting your response times

Nobody has affirmed it, but we believe that behind this announcement there is more the objective of curbing a tendency to delay whatsapps, than the collection itself.

And what will happen with advertising on WhatsApp?

According to rumors, starting in 2019, advertising on WhatsApp will begin, and surely here will be the great benefit for Facebook, owner of the application. The scheme seems to be similar to the one carried out with the social network. First, ensure that it is useful for millions of people and that it has absolute leadership, and after that, yes, think about shareholders!

How to download WhatsApp for Business

Download it from here, in the Play Store. If you use Iphone, you should wait, since it is not yet available

How to verify your phone in WhatsApp for Business

You would need a new phone number to use. The novelty is that fixed numbers are allowed, So you don’t need to have a new chip or equipment.

Account Migration

If you wish, you can migrate your account to WhatsApp for Business

What are the most important features?

Company Profile: Create a company profile with relevant information for your customers, such as your address, business description, email and website.

Quickly answers: You can save and reuse the messages you send frequently and thus be able to answer questions faster.

Messaging Tools: You can create an absence and a welcome message

Message Statistics: You will access the most important information, for example, the number of messages that were delivered, sent and read successfully.