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Why are traditional stores losing their customers and buyers?

Things are no longer as they always had been and consumers have begun to use other scenarios to make their purchases.

One of the key issues of recent times has been the Internet boom and the impact it has had on the customs of consumers and their habits. The Internet has made it now connected all the time and that a new scenario has been created in which brands and sellers have to play with new weapons. Because, as the internet has become more and more popular and as it has been conquering more and more scenarios, it has also reached more and more new business areas and has impacted many more elements. Year after year, the internet has been getting into our day to day. And year after year it has become a more and more powerful scenario in terms of consumption. Consumers buy more and more things online and ecommerce has an increasingly high weight and a more important market share.

Therefore, physical stores have begun to see how consumer habits change and how the situation changes. Things are no longer as they always had been and consumers have begun to use other scenarios to make their purchases. What has been happening in the different Christmas campaigns of recent years serves very well to illustrate how the tables have been changing and how consumption patterns have begun to change.

A few years ago, the internet was a scenario to buy certain types of products. Today it is one in which you buy practically everything and in which you trust more and more, as evidenced by the fact that more and more consumers are made with their Christmas gifts in online stores (so much that, at the close from the last Christmas campaign, the news was how the courier companies had been overwhelmed by the packages to be delivered and how they had not been able to withstand the pull).

While this is happening, physical stores have seen how those consumers and those purchases that they previously capitalized now end up in other scenarios and in other hands and have launched themselves to try to recover the lost market. Many have been the strategies that have been followed and not a few have been those that have directly criminalized the Internet for all the evils to which they were being subjected, trying to make their consumers feel guilty and return to their stores. Others have seen the situation in a much more complete way and have begun to see that the Internet is not only the enemy, but also the key to understanding its future existence.

But why are they seeing in retail how consumers disappear? Beyond the internet, the problem could be much broader. A British study from a few years ago pointed out that the main shopping streets (the typical shopping street of the cities) were losing weight because of, on the one hand, the changes in habits (now consumers saw them as spaces for leisure and entertainment). they were waiting for restaurants) and, on the other, because of the irruption of mobile phones, which eliminated seeing shop windows. Now another British study points to another problem: stores are not getting attractive.

The stores are not attractive

As an expert from Aston University, Heiner Evanschitzky, points out, based on data from traffic drops in stores in the United Kingdom in recent times, consumers preferred more than going to stores, shopping online. «This happens because they find the shopping stressful and only a minority sees the experience of visiting a store as inspiring», indicates.

The physical stores are trying to compete with the online stores focusing on the price, as the expert explains, but with this they are looking at the situation in a simplistic way. The issue is not only in the price, but also in the purchase process itself. If consumers do not like shopping, it is because they associate the process with something tiring and unattractive. If the stores want to recover their visitors, they will have to improve the shopping experience and make it much more enjoyable, something that is wanted and wanted.

How to achieve it? The expert points out that stores have to improve their design and that they also have to make their staff interact better with consumers, simplifying things and making them much more enjoyable for shoppers. This is also something that the internet cannot offer.

Source: PuroMarketing