Why complement your Website with your Google account "My Business"? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

If you have already created your website, and it is an excellent time to complement the work you have done in CWT Advertising recording the information in “Google My Business”. In this article we tell you how and why to do it.

What is “Google My Business”?

It is a free tool from Google, which allows you to provide information to the search engine about your company, such as the address, your item, opening hours or photos, thus allowing you to increase your visits and contributing to the credibility of your project.

The advantages you will get with “Google My Business”

1) You appear on Google Maps

If you ever wondered why your competition appears on Google maps and you don’t, this is the solution! Google will know and show not only your address, but what you do and what services you offer. In the era of smartphones and GeoMarketing, this task is critical to your digital marketing strategy, and additionally you will guide through GPS how to get to your store.

2) Increase your presence in the search engine

When used on a computer, Google can use the right space for the customer listing that it deems most appropriate. A typical case is when you search for the company by name, and there you will see it published. Although it is also possible that you appear before searches of your services even when they do not know your name, as in the image below.

And in the case of access from smartphones, this occurs at the top, increasing the possibility that they find or know you.

3) Indicate your opening and closing times

Has it happened to you during a summer night to look for the ice cream parlors closest to your location, and observe that some are listed as open and others closed?

This is another advantage when using this tool, It is possible to indicate the hours in which you attend, and thus be able to obtain new clients.

4) You receive and answer the reviews

Those who look for you on the Internet, can easily see the quality of your work or products by observing the scores that your users gave you, and you can also thank and answer the reviews.

5) Manage your photos

The tool has different categories to upload your photos: from the outside, from the inside, from your work team and from people working. Google will use them according to the needs of user searches and their physical location, so they can quickly visualize your company, who you are and what you do.

6) You can add a 360 photo!

Ideal alternative for when you want to impress and show your installations completely.

7) You get Value Statistics about the benefit received

How many visitors accessed your business listing?
And how many accessed from there to your IDEA website YOUR SITE.
How many people requested an indication to arrive by car?
Have you received calls from your file?

All these questions, which reflect a specific benefit, you can check from the statistics tab.

3) How to register?

Go to Google My Business. It should be noted that if you used Google My Places before, the information has already been migrated.

Note that the information does not appear automatically, since Google needs to validate your identity and ownership of your company. For that, he will send you a letter with a verification code. You will have 30 days, so stay tuned to complete the registration and make your data available to the community!