Because it is important to be remarkable in the eyes of your customers to increase your turnover! For a few years now, I have regularly heard that a logo for a company is not important. If you think about it even today, in an increasingly digital world, you are mistaken!

How can your customers know you if they cannot identify you? How do you think you can sell your products and services without a brand image at your added value? By reading this article, you will learn how to further attract your customers with your company logo and thus grow your business.

10 rules to create an attractive logo that your customers will love!

  1. Your logo should be timeless;
  2. It must be simple and easily recognizable;
  3. It must reflect your Brand image;
  4. It must be visible on all of your communication media (business card, website, packaging, etc.);
  5. It must be consistent with your values ​​and your personality;
  6. Use 1 or maximum 2 typographies and limit the number of colors;
  7. Do not overload your logo with texture, shading, gradient, etc. ;
  8. Do not copy the logo of your competitors or of well-known brands;
  9. A photograph will never be a logo;
  10. An effective logo that will appeal to your customers will always be produced from a simple and refined design.

Why do I need a timeless logo that will appeal more easily to my customers?

Because a logo must be unique, singular to be effective, impactful and radiant.

“Timeless: That you cannot date, which is from all eras; imperishable, eternal. “

Remember in early September, Google announced the launch of its new logo. It has been over 17 years since he had changed it.

Look at the Coca Cola logo, it has hardly changed since 1887 and that of Apple with the bitten apple has been around since 1976.

company logo

If you plan to create a logo for your business or redo it, take into account that it must be timeless to effectively attract your customers.

Why do I need a logo that is recognizable to my customers?

Because it must bring confidence and be recognized by everyone, including your customers!

“With the Internet, we remember information less well, especially if it takes the form of words. The good news is that our brains record images much faster. ” extract from the OBS article in rue89 “Overdose of words on the Internet: our brain prefers images”.

Indeed, we record images much faster than words. It is for this reason that it is important during the reflection phase of choosing the name of your company, that it be as short as possible.

I often take as an example, during my audit sessions in Brand Image Consulting with my prospects who are looking for a provider to create a logo, the following brands:

  • AirBNB;
  • Blablacar;
  • Apple;
  • Nike;
  • TF1;
  • FNAC;
  • Google.

What do all these brands have in common? Their names are all very short, simple and easy to recognize. Avoid long names as we can unfortunately see on the internet these days.

Why do I need to use the right colors on my logo to build confidence in my customers?

Because a wrong color can make you lose money!

The color that a company uses to be identified also has meaning. A brand can thus express the confidence that we can have in it, the quality of its products and much more.”From the article in“ How do brands use color psychology to manipulate their customers? ”

What do Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have in common? You surely think social network, don’t you? What they all have in common is that all three use blue as the dominant color in their graphic charter. Why ? Because blue is the favorite color of companies that want to put your trust in you. Blue represents confidence, serenity and communication. But beware, improperly used it can give the feeling that your business is cold, distant and inaccessible. Patrice Decoeur talks about it in his article.

Keep in mind that it is important to choose the right colors when creating your logo for your business.

Why do I need a logo that conveys my values ​​and my personality? To be remarkable in the eyes of my clients!

Because a logo is your emblem, it is thanks to him that we can clearly identify you.

What is a logo? How should it be created? Should it be dictated by the trends of the web or your market? Why wouldn’t a logo live up to your ambitions? Why put it in the background in your forecast when it is thanks to it that we can get to know you and do business with you?

The role of a logo is above all to convey to your customers who you are. He is there to highlight your values, your philosophy, your personality. Why today when we think of Apple, we think of Steve Jobs? Free, are we thinking of Xavier Niel?, we think of Rémy Bigot?

Because these entrepreneurs hammered their personality, their values, within their Brand image. Behind each logo that exists, we must recognize the values ​​of its founder. Do you know how the LEGO brand was born?

Why do I need a logo that reflects my Brand image to better appeal to my customers?

Because it is created from your Brand image!

Don’t be afraid to use your first and last name if you don’t already have a company name. Dare to bring people into your Brand image, because this is what we are increasingly looking for from companies and brands. Let them be human and social and know how to listen to us before selling us their products or services.

Why am I using my first and last name instead of just using “Corporate Stylist” on my site? Why is my domain name made up of my identity instead of using “Corporate Stylist”? Because my brand image is based on my values, my integrity and my contribution to helping you succeed in developing your brand image on the Internet.

The design of your logo must reflect your personality, your values ​​through your brand image to make you remarkable and attractive in the eyes of your customers.

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