Why having a marketing strategy is also important for an SME? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

When we talk about marketing and great success stories, about brands that have managed to position themselves very well or about big ads that have become viral, we often talk about large companies, giant multinationals that have big budgets and that They fight to hire managers and creative stars to position their products and their own identity. The lists are usually full of names like those of Apple, those of Google, those of the food industry giants or food chains, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s or BurgerKing, or great fashion shows, such as signatures. luxury to Chanel or Gucci, for just a few examples. The strange thing is usually to find articles and analysis in which a small neighborhood store or a company of few employees appears with a market coverage that, at most, reaches the region in which it is located.

And this can make one end up cheating and end up thinking that all this marketing is important, yes, but only for some. You run the risk of thinking that only large firms with large budgets are those who have to do marketing and who must have a solid strategy in this field and that, on the contrary, for SMEs is only one thing for the elderly, something that does not it is always necessary to do and before what can be expected about money to do it.

Marketing is, however, something that is not limited to big names and something that many more than big brands should work on. In reality, doing or not doing good marketing does not depend on how much money you have and the budget you can devote to this issue, but rather on what you are going to do with that money, how you do it and how you develop and base your strategy. This is the important thing not in the bulk of money dedicated to marketing but rather to how that money is distributed.

And, therefore, in reality, any brand and any company can do marketing and must do marketing. It matters little that it is an SME. In fact, they also have certain concrete reasons that make marketing a key to their survival.

Competitiveness is increasingly fierce

One of the reasons why all companies, whatever their size and operate in the market they operate, have to focus on having a good marketing strategy is the characteristics of the market. There are more and more companies trying to take over the market and competing for the same segment, trying to convince the same consumers. And this happens, in addition, in an environment in which it is increasingly difficult for these consumers to realize that this product or that brand exists, since the overwhelming amount of competition and the high volume of messages that others generate implies that breaking the entry barrier is increasingly difficult. Marketing is needed to get it.

One has to differentiate

And, in the midst of this increasingly competitive and increasingly saturated market, you can’t leave anything lucky when it comes to reaching the consumer. It is necessary to have a clear identity and be able to stand out from others. You have to differentiate yourself and you have to position yourself in that environment in a differentiated way.

One has to be visible

And closely related to the previous point is this: if in the past brands and companies had no choice but to work to position themselves visibly before their consumers, the situation is even more evident and clear today in this ground. Both must work to position themselves, to stand out, to be, in short, visible. They have to prove their existence to consumers.

It is of little value to have a high quality product if nobody knows

Being visible is crucial, as it is what makes consumers discover what we do. It matters little to have a very good product or a brilliant service if, in the end, nobody is seeing or receiving that service or product. As important as the product that has just gone on the market is the strategy that will make consumers discover its existence. If nobody knows that your product exists, nobody will come near, in the end, to buy it.

Because marketing is really many things

Similarly, one of the mistakes that could be made in this idea of ​​doing or not doing marketing is to fall into the trap of thinking that doing marketing is something very limited, something very specific, and forget that in the end marketing is something very wide that includes many tools and many channels that companies can use to reach consumers. Web sites and social networks are, after all, marketing too.

Source: PuroMarketing