Why integrate video into your marketing strategy? 2020 -

For a long time, the video marketing was considered the prerogative of big brands and big budgets, today this is no longer the case. Indeed, production costs have dropped significantly in recent years no need to be a technical expert to know how it works. Our mobile terminals (iPhone, smartphone, phablet) do the job very well. According to Cisco, 74% of internet traffic will include online video in 2017. In addition, 51.9% of professionals worldwide rate video as the content with the best return on investment (eMarketer study)

Video, the ideal medium for a relationship of trust

In addition to the dynamic and trendy image it offers to the brand, video significantly improves conversions and the size of the shopping basket. Indeed, the average conversion rate of a website without video is only 2.9% compared to 4.8% for a site using video (Source: Aberdeen Group).

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Attractive and modern, video appears to be the ideal medium for providing information interesting and detailed on a product and gain consumer confidence. In reality, it has the power to combine sound, image and dialogue to bring living stories and create real emotional bonds between the viewer and the brand. But, like all content, it must be relevant, calibrated and attractive so that the user agrees to watch it to the end.

Indeed, when you succeed in bringing visitors to your site, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention before they lose all interest. Also, identify the audience you want to reach and make sure the video is relevant to them, that it brings value and meets a need. It will spend more time on your website interacting with your brand. Do not try to put everything in one video, choose a simple subject and measure the impact. Then optimize the message based on your feedback. For example, Brightcove believes thatIf your video has many dropouts in the first 20 seconds, it means that you have to modify it or shorten its duration ”.

Video and mobility

Video changes the user experience and offers content that is different from what they are used to seeing. Thanks to mobility and social networks, video reaches a much wider audience. These social platforms are indeed real digital places on which videos are most widely broadcast and where all of the targets and prospects are now found. Great way to spread your message, these social networks will help you to make yourself known and will increase the reach of the message by sharing the video. The latter offers brands the opportunity to mix with its audience, to develop a stronger relationship, it allows to tell the story of your brand where customers go.

Mobile video is both entertaining and attractive, ensuring a high and growing engagement rate. Besides, more than 65% of the videos seen on Facebook are made on mobile. To do this, video must adapt to all mobile and non-mobile devices. According to Internetretailer.com, mobile video is expected to account for 66% of all mobile data traffic in 2017.

But for a video to be effective, 4 points seem essential to me. She must :

  • Have an editorial line in line with your target: which style for which content?
  • Be short so as not to tire the Internet user: between 1mn30 to 2mn;
  • Be captivating to make the user want to go further and lead to conversion;
  • Be memorable to be effective and guarantee its virality.

Because, through video, it is the memorization of the brand that is at stake. Video helps marketing and sales stand out in a very distinct way, increases the memorization of information and thus tries to gain the buyer attention.


Creating a video-focused content marketing strategy has become essential. Most advertisers today agree that digital video programming will become as important as television in the next 5 years. A study carried out by IAB indicates that out of the 300 brands questioned, 2/3 of them plan to shift the budget allocated to TV to online video. Another study this time by Invodo.com reveals that marketers exploiting the benefits of video saw their sales increase by 40%. And for good reason, the video tells a story in a more lively and captivating way than text and static images enticing your audience. at take the next step in the conversion process. By appropriating this medium, professionals ensure increasing visibility and above all a memorization of the brand. According to Aberdeen Group ” developing video marketing skills will help video move from special event status to a more regular feature on the content marketing calendar. “