The pandemic caused by the Corona virus has revolutionized habits for some time. Teleworking, barrier gestures, wearing a mask, teleconsultations: the list of reforms and adjustments made since the start of this crisis in The United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world is long. Although existing for many years, electronic signature is also a service whose use has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. The reasons are diverse and deserve to be known. This text tells you all about the causes of the resurgence of the use of the electronic signature in times of Covid 19 and brings you many other valuable information.

The electronic signature: what is it?

The electronic signature is a simple, fast and secure way to affix your signature to a digital document. It is equivalent to the handwritten signature for physical documents. The electronic signature has the same scope as the handwritten signature when it is executed in accordance with the standards and the use of a digital certificate carried out by a competent authority.

The electronic signature is based on an asymmetric cryptography system and guarantees the authenticity of digital documents. However, it should be noted that printing a digital document loses the validity of the electronic signature affixed to it.

Is the electronic signature secure?

The electronic signature offers a universe of possibilities and choices. It is the result of the implementation of several standards and decrees and responds to a legal concept that has been in place for many years. There are several providers who have mastered the cogs relating to electronic signatures. These professionals offer you highly secure transactions through the use of an anti-tampering seal. Based on several standards including among others ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27 017, ISO / IEC 27018 standards, or SOC2 Type II reports, the electronic signature by these companies is a real guarantee of security for the compliance of your transactions and the simple and fast signature of internal documents.

Underpinned among other things by FedRAMP certification and HIPAA assurance, the electronic signature by a company expert in the field presents absolutely no danger and can entirely replace a handwritten one in several fields.

Going out for all kinds of formalities has become a real headache for some time. In addition to posing a huge risk to your own health and that of others, going out can even be a serious offense in many parts of the world.

However, life does not end for all that. Transactions must continue and the world’s economy must turn, reinvent itself and adapt to the new reality. In this context, the use of digital once again saves the day.

The digital signature is therefore essential as a secure and highly useful means for carrying out important transactions while maintaining social distancing. Physical contact is drastically reduced thanks to transactions and formalities that can be carried out entirely online.

The advantages of electronic signatures in the midst of a covid 19 crisis

The advantages offered by the electronic signature during the current pandemic are beyond doubt:

  • The simple and easy realization of a multitude of secure transactions;
  • Use on a multitude of computer files (PDF, JPG, GIF, spreadsheets, text files, etc.);
  • Reducing queues in public and private services;
  • Decreased physical contact;
  • The continuity of the administrative system and various transactions.

Some formalities that can be carried out using the electronic signature in times of Covid 19

The electronic signature can be used by companies as well as by individuals for carrying out several important daily formalities. Several types of documents can indeed be digitally signed for the same legal effects.

The signing of an insurance contract

You never imagined being able to take out insurance legally and securely without having to travel? The electronic signature makes this task possible for you. From home and in front of your computer, choose the contract of your choice and validate it just by affixing your electronic signature on the indicated parts. The physical intervention of a professional is not necessary at any time and the contract is valid!

The completion of several administrative formalities

Do you keep putting off the completion of several important administrative formalities until tomorrow? Are you worried about increasing your risk of Corona virus contamination when you leave your home? A multitude of administrative acts can be carried out online. To validate them, you just need to affix your electronic signature without any need to move. Payment of expense reports, housing assistance application, consumer credit application, pay slips, expense reports, purchase orders, invoices: here is a long list of documents that can be signed electronically.