Why is it worth having a good website? -

Why a company website?

Most internet users are geared to finding the information they need on the web. They type in the search engine “what does …?”, “Where to find …?”; or “who is …?” Or they check the address of a friend, family or company. They also want to know the opinions of other Internet users about the product, service, person, company, future employer, hospital, doctor, hotel etc. And here you appear dear entrepreneur.

Let’s say you just registered your company. You have some equipment, extensive industry experience and zero employees. You want to do everything yourself. Because you know your job. And if so, then you can probably handle the company’s advertising. Error! First of all – if you haven’t worked in an advertising agency before, you haven’t been a marketing or advertising specialist, you don’t know what to do. This is why so many businesses use advertising agencies (such as an advertising agency jacksonville way) to help them with their online marketing and advertising. Secondly – if you think that you read a little on the Internet and trained in this way, you will do great with everything, then you are also wrong.

You can’t handle everything because you just won’t have time for it.

You will find out about it at the beginning of doing business. You want to order business cards, but you don’t have a company logo. Or you are planning to launch a website and bought a domain for PLN 1. You are glad that you saved so much. The joy is short, however, because the domain is not a ready website yet . Someone has to design it. And this is not the job for one afternoon.

What to put on the website?

A website is extremely important for any company, regardless of whether the company operates on the local, national or international market.

The website publishes:

  • Informations about company,
  • News,
  • The entire enterprise offer,
  • Product and implementation photo gallery,
  • Price list,
  • Contact form.

Website frequently updated

It is worth remembering about current updates of information posted on the company’s website. If you have introduced new products to the offer, please inform the customer. When you deal with roadside assistance and have bought a new vehicle, post this information on your website.

When you created a website as a beginner entrepreneur, after a few years of activity you should update the “about us / about me” tab. Then more customers will not read that you have just opened a company, but that you have been operating for years, you have a group of regular customers, you have references and enjoy a good reputation.

References and opinions from the company profile on Facebook, for example, can also be posted on the website. You should not forget about sharing on social media, but also about placing plugins on the website. It is a badge with the logo of such services as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter. After clicking on such a plugin, the Internet user will be automatically redirected to your company fan page.

Website as a company business card

Remember that a good website helps in creating the image of a company or brand. It is worth investing in a decent website, because all Internet users can visit it. And this means that many potential customers may come across the company’s offer. There can be many more such people than when you hand out leaflets and business cards and hang a banner.

A functional website is not only the right content that is most important, but also the right graphic design. Too many contrasting colors, bold fonts everywhere – these are the most common mistakes. Thoughtful colors, a uniform font and the most important information in bold are noteworthy and are simply more interesting. Professionally made images will also help to imagine where the company’s headquarters is located, what the workshop looks like and where the treatments take place. Do not accumulate dozens of photos of each vehicle or company headquarters in different perspectives. It’s best to limit yourself to a minimum.

The most important goal of a website is to take control over the reader . You talk about your company and you have to approach it in the right way. This method shows your approach to your own business. Stop thinking about yourself as an entrepreneur for a moment. Feel like a customer . Think about what he is looking for, what he may be interested in and what information he would like to get. This is the best way to create a good website.

Website or online store?

When a company has products in its offer, the most advantageous solution will be running an online store. It will be used not only for the presentation of individual goods, but also gives the possibility of retail and wholesale sale in quite a short time. If you have the opportunity to sell your items online, don’t hesitate. People in remote parts of the country, outside of the UK, as well as local customers will purchase products online. Because it is the most convenient way to shop. Potential customers can learn the exact parameters of the product, compare prices and reviews, and then buy the goods with a few clicks.

Website for a service company

If you sell nothing and do service activities, you will also need a website . In addition to the basic information we mentioned above, you can put on the site, for example, a schedule or a contact form.

A very important element of the website is its visual part. This is not only the coloring of the website, but also a well-designed logo. Pictures of the products you offer or the implementation of the services you provide are also very important. If you can’t or just don’t like taking photos, get the job done by a professional. Yes, you will pay for such a service, but it will pay you more. Because customers often just buy with their eyes. When they see good quality pictures of products or services on the website, they will sooner decide to place an order than if the photographs are blurred, poorly cropped and taken in adverse lighting.

A good website is more credibility

Your own website is the cheapest advertisement of the company. Everyone who finds it will be able to learn about the company and its owner of almost everything.

By advertising your company through ads on local websites, providing a link to your own site, you not only increase the popularity of the site, but also become more credible. Consider the services which company, e.g. a construction company, would be able to use yourself if you were looking for a professional who would renovate your apartment with the utmost accuracy. Would you choose Mr. A who posted an ad on the announcement website but has no website, business card, company Facebook account and references? Or maybe you would decide on the offer of Mr. B, who has a website and maintains company accounts in social media, where customers praise, what specialist is he?

You probably understand that it is really worth investing in a thoughtful, communicative website. By having a website, you become more competitive. A good website is a good sales representative, a business card of the company that is available to everyone, anywhere in the world.

Do you want a website? Ask a professional for help

So you are an entrepreneur, but only your loved ones know about it. You want to work and earn, but you can’t because you have very few customers. At the same time, you are constantly trying to deal with the promotion of the company on the Internet. You can continue to deal with this problem yourself or ask for help from professionals such as the Haiku Studio Advertising Agency. Why is it worth to use our offer? Because we have various packages for companies. You can choose the basic one under which we will prepare a website.

We also provide comprehensive services. Then we not only create a unique website design, but also we analyze key phrases, prepare a logo, develop business cards and leaflets, create a Facebook profile and Google Maps entry, and provide a free coupon for AdWords services.

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