Why should you create a personalized audience when advertising on Instagram or Facebook? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

If you have made advertising investment in the social networks of the company created by Mark Zuckerberg, surely you know that you have infinite possibilities of segmentation. But there is one that is somewhat hidden in the advertising platform, and is really useful. Welcome to personalized audiences!

Introduction to traditional Facebook / Instagram segmentation

The most agile way to segment on Facebook is by demographic data, behaviors, interests, and other possibilities.
Let’s see some examples below.

– Demographic Data: Recent Moving, Father with preschoolers

– Behaviors: Next Anniversary, Access to Facebook from Android

– Interests: Health, Tourism, Soccer Club Barcelona and countless more!

– Level of education: University Studies in Progress, Full University Studies

– Charges: General Manager

– Fields of Study: Veterinary Medicine

Without a doubt it is a powerful and very versatile tool, which complementing it with personalized audiences can achieve excellent results from your campaigns.

How to access custom audiences

By clicking inside the Ad Manager, under “more tools”, you access this menu, where you can select “Public” (within assets)

What options of custom public accounts?

Custom audiences have recently changed, like the entire Facebook / Instagram advertising system, which constantly have aggregates or differences that are not even documented or advertised. Accounts with several options, enter the ones I highlight the following:

Customer Archive

This function is extremely useful. You can upload your subscriber list. Facebook will look for those it recognizes, and will create your audience from them.

Website Traffic

It is similar to Google Ads remarketing. Facebook collects visitors to your website, and will show them your ads when you create this audience. For example, if you have a site created with CWT Advertising, you can display your ads to all the people who browsed your cart, provided they have a user on Facebook or Instagram.

For its correct implementation, you must use the Facebook pixel code as we have told you here

Facebook / Instagram profile

Some time ago this option was known as interaction, and now it has been divided into Facebook and Instagram, and it is another source of great possibilities! You can address people who interacted with your brand, either with messages or different interactions

We also want to highlight the variants of Potential Customers, which allows you to send a message to those who have previously responded to these types of campaigns, or to those who interacted with your events.