A blog to do what? You have a business to promote and wonder if you should spend your time blogging. You want above all to show your products and find new customers. You believe a site “classic” you enough. However, the blog can bring you substantial advantages. We will explain why …The blog is not yet a common practice for companies. And yet, he has more than one argument to make. This is basically an additional communication channel, which can generate traffic significant and qualified, if well managed.

A blog allows you to development of attractive content on topics related to your business. This is not to directly promote your products or services, but to give your customers information that interest them or help them use your products.

Example: an insurer can write articles on “how to pay less taxes” (by subscribing to certain products …) or even a “checklist for a safe snow holiday”. These subjects are related to its products but the goal is not directly to sell them. Rather, it is about showing clients that they know their concerns and know how to address them. More broadly, the blog helps develop the following benefits:

1. Start a conversation with your target

Your customers are not only looking for products. They often look for more general information which will then guide their choice or help them make better use of these products. Being able to start a conversation with them by answering their questions will give you an edge over your competition. Many people are not ready to buy just because they do not know enough. By blogging, you can give them what they need to take the plunge.

2. Demonstrate your expertise in your field

By publishing relevant content in your field of activity, you demonstrate your expertise in this field. Your (future) customers will therefore be more likely to trust you. Teach them new things, enlighten them, and why not, have a little fun. To enhance your credibility, nothing like an editorial charter, in order to give your blog a consistent style and tone.

3. Pleasing Google

Google relentlessly stalking the wrong content. Regularly publishing original and quality content brings a definite advantage in terms of SEO. Google gives the advantage to sites that are regularly updated with new content. A well-powered blog is already an advantage in itself. If in addition, you manage to become a reference that will be cited by other blogs or sites, with relevant links to your pages, the result will be even more appreciable.

4. Attract New Customers

By publishing contents that are not directly related to your products, you will attract customers who do not know you yet. It’s a way to expand your market while retaining your existing customers. But don’t wait for the crowds to rush into your first blog posts. Only perseverance and consistency pay. For this, nothing like an editorial calendar, allowing you to plan topics based on current events, seasons, and / or your strategy.

5. Shine on social networks

Maintaining a blog allows to locate more easily on social networks, with content that can be shared, commented and thus amplified. In total, your blog will make it easier for you to use social networks in your marketing strategy, for example by feeding a fanpage with editorial content in addition to commercial offers. You can also organize quizzes or contests based on items developed on your blog.

6. Develop your “authorship”

Google+ became the second social network after Facebook. And it is likely that Google put up soon a new ranking criterion natural results: the “authorship”. Kesako? It’s actually about assigning a value to a web page after its author. A prolific author, who has many contacts and interactions on Google+ will have more “points” that illustrious unknown who writes for the 1st time. Hence the advantage of being present and publishing regularly to develop your authorship. The same principle exists for companies or organizations that would like to develop their brand of publishers independently of a particular author.

Site or blog?

If you don’t have a web presence yet, you’re wondering. If you find it too difficult to manage both a site and a blog, you can do just as for shampoos: 2 in 1. It is perfectly possible to make a traditional “products” menu coexist with the blog function on the site. The product approach will occupy the main menu while the blog approach occupy a menu in a block that includes the latest headlines block and access by topics. Depending on the priorities, a more or less important place may be given to the blog.

In short, you no longer have any excuse not to blog in 2013. SEO has become a combat sport. A brilliant but static site is likely to descend inexorably in the ranking of search engines. The blog can bring new vitality to your presence on the web.

Blogging in 2013

Blogging or drive … We must choose. Drawing by: http://marlene.illustrateur.org/